TRIBECA, inspired by John
John has just returned from the Big Apple with new ideas for continuing to enjoy his favourite style, wood. So we suggest a new series, TRIBECA, inspired by the New York neighbourhood it's named after, lying between the Hudson River and Canal Street and home to artists and talented young people. TRIBECA is a crafted, aged wood, with an attractive well-worn appearance, full of genuine character and painted in four versions, white, aqua, grey and honey, and reclaimed to bring warmth to the various areas in a modern neighbourhood packed with shops, art galleries, urban homes and restaurants where we can see our wood in the pure 'reclaimed' style. It comes in 15x90 cm super-slim board or in a 20x66 cm non-slip option, ideal for outdoor areas, gardens with swimming pools, penthouse terraces, etc.

TRIBECA will join VANCOUVER, ROVERE, ORIGEN and TIGER our very successful high definition woods.

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