we are eco "logical"

Gayafores is wholeheartedly committed to the
environment and to acting responsibly in
caring for it by using energy efficiently
and by reducing and recycling waste.

100% involvement in energy efficiency

Gayafores has two thermal oil heat recovery facilities
One for capturing heat from cogeneration
exhaust gases and another for capturing
residual heat from the plant baking furnaces.
This involves recovering the heat from the
ovens and cogeneration exhaust gases to
provide hot air for the drying process. Heat is
recovered through air and oil heat exchangers
and thermal oil circuits.

The total heat supplied to the driers under
normal working conditions saves the equivalent
of 1,000 kW (Higher Heating Value) of natural
gas for a maximum air working temperature of
185 oC, which means a reduction of 649 tonnes
of CO2/year in atmospheric emissions.

We control atmospheric emissions of particles by using dry aspiration filters,
monitored offline to ensure proper operation, and emissions of combustion gases
which are audited and verified against the appropriate environmental quality standards
as laid down by Integrated Environmental Authorisation directives, in order to comply with the Kyoto Protocol for improving the environment by preventing climate change.

Waste handling and recycling. All waste is classified, stored and passed to authorised waste management companies who certify its proper disposal. We also make efficient use of water in the production process and have a packaging system that minimises use of materials and waste in the packaging process.

Gayafores’ Integrated Environmental Authorisation and Global Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is certified by AENOR, the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification.
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