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November and December is always a good time to think, to evaluate the year that is just ending and to look for challenges for the year that is just about to start. This is equally applicable to interior design and decorative styles. Hundreds and even thousands of articles from all over the world are posted at this time trying to predict the interior design trends for the coming season. Now is when creativity comes to the fore and concepts with new labels emerge that seek to define the four or five keys that will reign supreme in the next year's projects: raw materials, mid-century, new folk, hygge and lagom, and the new Memphis.

With the passage of time, we might think that there are dozens of trends that coexist together, each with its own characteristics and peculiarities.
But in fact, the truth is that all these styles always revolve around 5 great fundamentals that evolve and change, that advance and adapt to the new times, but in their essence follow and stay true to their governing principles.

Below, we analyse the 5 Key Trends in interior design. They are true of today and will very probably be true tomorrow as well. After an exhaustive analysis of the sector and dedicated product development work, Gayafores has created ceramic collections for the home aligning with those major styles.

5 Interior Design Trends to consider in 2019.

Purity of materials

There is a timeless search for harmony through pure components, where beauty resides in the essence of the raw material and defects are just part of the product's identity. cements, woods with very clear grain and natural stone and slate surfaces earn their attraction from this trend.

This style includes collections such as the porcelain woods of Village and Tribeca, with a natural finish but with a strong grain, and stone patterns such as Patagonia o Studio, inspired by the essence of natural concrete.

foto village dormitorio
foto tribeca terraza 2
ambiente patagonia gris

New Classic
One of the styles with the greatest adaptability and versatility is the Neo Classic, despite what it might seem from its name. Marbles y Woods are combined with precious metals such as gold, reviving the luxury and glamour of the 1950s. This unbeatable setting brings out noble materials such as wood or marble dancing in harmony with elegant geometries and warm velvets.

Gayafores recommends the use of natural woods such as Oregon y Vancouver series, combined with elegant marbles such as Velvet.

amb austral oregon
foto vancouver gris
foto velvet bagno

Rustic Urban
Traditions and folklore return to prominence in New Folk, a trend in which rustic and natural materials such as wood, cement or brick are fused with sympathetic decorations based on geometric designs and embroidery, creating warm spaces with a strong personality.

This trend has given rise to one of Gayafores' great successes, the Heritage collection, a decoration for lovers of traditional cement tiles that, combined with natural woods, paving such as Rustic -style claddings give a new interpretation of the folk style. Brick nos ofrecen una nueva lectura del estilo folk.

foto rustic cotto espiga
foto rustic gris
foto brick cocina 2
foto brick black 2

Nordic Style
The secret of happiness is in finding the point of balance in life, between the two fundamental pillars of order and simplicity, Open spaces, clear and bright tones and minimalist decorations are the keys of a relaxed trend which materials such as softwoods and neutral colours take pride of place.

Gayafores is a strong proponent of this trend with marked Nordic-style collections such as Brickbold y Brooklyn and soft and neutral woods such as Oregon Miel o Tribeca Gris y Blanco.

foto brickbold gris
foto brick brooklyn natural
foto oregon gris
foto spiga tribeca blanco

Eclectic Style
The so-called "New Memphis" is one of the riskiest and provocative trends, aimed at the more transgressive public. Geometries and decorations contrast with a minimalist aesthetic or yesteryear, resulting in an explosion of colour and vibrant graphics.

In this context, Gayafores gives free rein to its creativity and has developed daring and fun collections that surprise the public through their novel designs and great decorative expression. These are found in the Deco range such as the Grenier, Melange o Kaleido.

foto grenier mix
foto melange black
foto melange blue
ambiente kaleido mix

Gayafores is conscious of the importance of offering ceramic products that match the main decorative styles and meet current architectural needs. This is why we maintain a firm commitment to design and innovation so that we can offer our clients a consultancy service and the highest quality products.

Gayafores' designs and collections are always fashionable

The latest collections presented by Gayafores, at the forefront of new trends in interior design and decoration. Three series that are being added to the ceramics catalogue, maintaining the quality and freshness characteristic of the company.


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