gayafores Bathrooms

gayafores Bathrooms

Ceramics and tiles for bathrooms
The innovation of a classic

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Choosing tiles and flooring for the bathroom is not an easy task nowadays. These materials have gone from being simple ceramic pieces that were reduced to a few very simple designs with traditional decorations to become the undisputed protagonists of bathroom design, defining its decorative style and offering the possibility of creating infinite combinations through new textures, colors and formats.

Getting carried away by the most striking trends of the moment is not advisable either because of their fleeting and perishable nature. For this reason it is always more advisable to bet on more consolidated trends without neglecting the novelties of the market. Achieving that turning point between new trends and our own style will help us to create the perfect bathroom environment and enjoy its decoration for a long time.

What is bathroom tiling?

Tiling is nothing more than covering the walls and floors with tiles, a cheap, simple and practical option that for many years has been the most viable way to protect the walls of kitchens and bathrooms from damp and stains, facilitating their waterproofing and cleaning.

Bathroom tiling is always a trend and its evolution in homes has undergone a real revolution with more original designs, creative, inspired by nature and the latest decorative trends with finishes such as polished cement, natural stone, paint effect and the striking hydraulic tiles or mosaics of yesteryear that far from being outdated have adapted to the new times and are more fashionable than ever.

When facing a bathroom renovation the perfect coating is undoubtedly the tiling because although new materials have appeared for bathroom decoration tiles are still the star material for its many advantages over other materials.

The unquestionable advantages of using tiles in the bathroom

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Despite the appearance of new materials for interior and exterior decoration, when it comes to bathroom coverings, ceramic tiles are still the best bet.

Its price-quality ratio per m2 is difficult to beat by any other type of decorative coating, since its design and durability make any investment worthwhile.

But why use tiles before other types of materials?

Mainly because:

  • They are hygienic and easy to clean hence they are used not only in the bathroom but in all types of spaces, even the most demanding in terms of cleanliness and hygiene, such as hospitals and public spaces.
  • They are resistant to heat, so perfect for the bathroom, where temperature changes are constant in the day to day as well as in outdoor decoration where atmospheric changes and inclement weather test even the most resistant materials.
  • They are practically stain-resistant, making them a perfect substitute for natural materials such as marble or wood, which stain or spoil easily, especially in the bathroom where it is common to use more aggressive products and disinfectants.
  • They are difficult to scratch or scratch by the hardness and extreme resistance to abrasion of materials such as porcelain so they are widely used in places of high wear as workspaces or high traffic areas.
  • With anti-slip properties making them essential in bathrooms or outdoor environments, swimming pools and public spaces such as stores or restaurants.

Tiles according to the type of bathrooms. Choosing a style

Gayafores Cottage Core Natural Urban Porcelain Tiles 1 | Baño

When choosing tiles for the bathroom it is important to take into account not only the decorative style we like but also the space we have.

With the countless proposals that we currently find in terms of design, textures and colors, choosing tiles for the bathroom can become an arduous and confusing task. Making it a fascinating journey through the different decorative styles until you find the style you are looking for can be easier if you follow some guidelines. We recommend to study carefully the space, how is that bathroom, its layout, its size, its lighting and according to this we analyze:

  1. Small bathrooms because although at first glance it may not seem so there are great possibilities for decoration. A small space forces to sharpen the wit and create spaces where contrasts help to give a greater sense of spaciousness. A perfect combination can be decorative tiles in light tones with white tiles that provide luminosity.
  2. Modern bathrooms with original designs and daring combinations that add value to the decoration.
  3. Vintage bathrooms where the patchwork aesthetics is a decoration on the rise as it brings a large dose of creativity, colorfulness and design. Hydraulic tiles, mosaics and ceramic carpets are a decorative resource of great value and distinction, creating spaces with a lot of personality.
  4. Rustic bathrooms with porcelain tiles imitating stone or wood to achieve a cozy bathroom with character, which incredibly reproduces the natural beauty of both materials at the service of decoration.
  5. Design bathrooms that seek to turn this space into a trendy room where to combine different styles of single-color tiles with decorative tiles of more daring designs.
  6. Complete bathrooms where to give all the protagonism to the ceramic tiles combining them to differentiate the spaces, as in the shower with mosaics, the sink area with decorative borders or even highlight a wall with ceramic murals. The combinations between floor and wall tiles are endless.
  7. Bathrooms with shower where porcelain tiles allow an incredible floor - wall continuity that extends to the shower itself, replacing the traditional shower tray by the pavement itself or mosaics that manage to bring personality and uniqueness with its multiple colors breaking the monotony with its colorful and artistic designs.
  8. Large bathrooms where you can enjoy with large format tiles that create a visual effect of continuity.
  9. Minimalist bathrooms with rectified and glazed porcelain floors where elegance compensates the austerity of the decorations.
  10. Original bathrooms, which dare with striking combinations of multicolored tiles and geometric designs.
  11. Colorful bathrooms where the strong contrasts between single-color tiles and tiles with original patterns and drawings are a firm commitment to cheerful and fun designs.

Innovative textures in ceramic tiles. Quite a discovery

Gayafores Palissandro Natural Marble Porcelain Tiles 1 Horizontal | Baño

Undoubtedly the real revolution in decoration comes from the hand of porcelain stoneware and its ability to reproduce the most unusual textures you can imagine.

  • Decorative tiles with artistic patterns to customize the style of the bathroom or elegant reliefs that will bring movement and life to the walls.
  • Tiles with perfect flowers to give a romantic air to the bathroom forming ceramic pictures that are integrated into the walls.
  • Stone effect coverings for walls and floors whose current designs are different from the traditional rustic style to be integrated in modern and minimalist spaces with surprising results.
  • Porcelain wood in laminated formats with natural finishes, warm and with worn effects to give the bathroom a special personality marked by the imprint of the passage of time.
  • Marble effect porcelain wall and floor tiles with the smooth and polished texture of the most elegant stone to create that classic bathroom that never goes out of fashion or that chic touch of marble in matte finish of the most current collections.
  • Hydraulic floor tiles that bring back to life the designs, geometric patterns and colors of the tiles with more history and Mediterranean tradition.

Colors in ceramics. An infinite palette of options

To find the most suitable color combination for the bathroom, we recommend paying attention to the new decorative proposals of this season. The most current trend in bathroom tiles is inspired by the elegance and sobriety of grays, natural colors and neutrals:

  • White, which together with black is a classic destined to last over time and beat the fashions. The most modern versions in black and white are inspired by the industrial style, minimalism or rustic, where the aged effect is still a trend.
  • The grey, through soft and natural styles or represented in slate effect tiles, fulfills the purpose of achieving maximum elegance. It can also be combined with touches of color to achieve new effects.
  • The explosion of color through colorful tiles with which spectacular effects with great personality are achieved.
  • Blue, the color par excellence for bathrooms in any of its tones, as it manages to create a fresh space with Mediterranean airs without giving up the touch of style provided by the latest developments in ceramics.

Catalog of coatings and pavements Gayafores. Inspiration for bathroom decoration

To become an expert in ceramic and porcelain trends for the bathroom, we recommend consulting the Gayafores gallery of images and atmospheres with special attention to the details that make the difference in the whole range. There are hundreds of inspiring ideas to apply to the decoration of the bathroom!

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gayafores Bathrooms

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