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Porcelain Stoneware with Cement Inspiration and Urban Style

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Cement and concrete, as a decorative material, have burst into the world of interior design in an overwhelming way with their attractive industrial aesthetics.

In recent years, many architects and interior designers have succumbed to cement-effect tiles because of the many technical advantages and great aesthetic possibilities of a material capable of adding character and personality to any space.

Among the main trends in interior design that we find today is the search for balance and beauty in the purity of raw, untreated materials, with their imperfections and textures.

In this field, and under the so fashionable brutalist style, porcelain stoneware imitation cement acquires great prominence, with collections that reproduce from the smoothest finishes to the most daring contrasts typical of concrete, becoming one of the star materials in interior and exterior decoration.

This new trend in interior and exterior wall and floor coverings and flooring is a departure from what has been established in decoration up to now. Its textures, its formats and its genuine details break the schemes of traditional interior design with a great capacity for innovation.

Rediscovering Cement

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Cement as a building material is reinvented to become the center of decoration and the main protagonist of the space. The cement tiles, with applications for floors and walls, provide that natural effect but of great raw beauty that so many interior design projects are looking for nowadays.

Cement floors or concrete floors are one of the key elements in industrial decoration, versatile, powerful and very timeless.

Gayafores' cement effect porcelain stoneware collections reflect the latest trends in industrial style decoration, with pieces of great aesthetic value in the form of ceramic cladding and flooring with a personality out of the ordinary.

These are different cement proposals with pure designs and soft textures to dress living, warm and sophisticated spaces. Designed under a calculated sense of moderation, collections such as Sassi shape the quietest and coziest interiors, perfect for taking refuge from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

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Reinforced concrete also claims its place in today's interiors as a raw, simple and attractive material versus the perfect, polished and shiny.

Con colecciones como Studio de Gayafores es posible diseñar espacios naturales, de belleza cruda pero amable y acogedora. Su fuerza reside en un diseño rotundo con bordes dedicados a los relieves que remarcan los listones y crean una composición de gran potencial decorativo siguiendo las tendencias en decoración al estilo industrial.

The details make the difference, also in the cement floors and walls, with carefully studied finishes in scratched style, as if scratched with a wire that gives rise to a fresh atmosphere of brutality.

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Porcelain Cement and its Applications in Interior Design

If to the industrial inspiration we add the most urban sophistication, we get environments with character, with a very personal charisma. That is why turning cement into a decorative element of high performance is one of the trends that are entering with force in the world of decoration and interior design.

Today we find multiple applications of cement in the most diverse environments and locations, both inside the home and in offices or public spaces, all of them with indoor and outdoor possibilities. Undoubtedly, this great versatility is one of the great advantages of cement-type porcelain tiles.

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The industrial aesthetic takes a step forward and enters homes, providing timeless and resistant solutions in interiors:

  • In the decoration of living rooms, where large formats in polished concrete floors for interiors stand out for their visual continuity and absence of joints generating greater visual amplitude spaces.
  • In the decoration of kitchens in polished concrete, in countertops, floors, walls or even ceilings to achieve a spectacular modern industrial look.
  • In the design of bathrooms where porcelain tile is a guarantee of success due to its continuity, resistance, beauty and easy cleaning, creating a clean and natural space.
  • In offices, where the new models of decorative cement effect tiles help to design original and attractive spaces that reinforce and transmit the corporate image of the companies.
  • In businesses or stores, where image is crucial, it is possible to create modern industrial style environments with cement or polished concrete walls in porcelain version.
  • In public spaces, where resistance to traffic and easy maintenance are key when choosing a material, concrete floors in porcelain stoneware are an option that guarantees satisfaction.
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Thanks to the anti-slip finish of the Gayafores collections, it is also possible to apply the cement trend in outdoor and wet areas, as seen in the trends in terraces and exteriors of this season:

  • On terraces and patios with a modern design and minimalist tenor.
  • In facades, where porcelain cement becomes an ally to guarantee a neutral, timeless and durable design, but with great impact.
  • In public spaces, minimizing the risk of falls and accidents and complying with all legal regulations, in addition to the great aesthetic value provided by porcelain cement.
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The non-slip finish on cement floors also opens up a new horizon of possibilities in the visual connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. This trend seeks visual amplitude through the continuity of the flooring between indoor environments, such as living rooms and terraces, and outdoor areas such as terraces and porches.

Gayafores Carven Dark Stone Porcelain Tiles 1 | Urban

Wet areas such as swimming pools, spas or jacuzzis also join the industrial style through the latest collections of tiles inspired by cement or reinforced concrete, generating a fantastic visual contrast between the gray tones of this material and the greens and blues present in this type of spaces.

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