gayafores kitchens

gayafores kitchens

Tiles for kitchen. A classic that never fails.

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Far from conceiving the kitchen as an exclusively functional and operative space, recent studies show a notable increase in aesthetic and decorative values among the main reasons behind a renovation.

The great technical advances that the ceramic sector has experienced in recent years have multiplied the possibilities of a material such as tile, which, in addition to its great resistance and easy cleaning, now adds an added value in terms of design and trends.

Current kitchen designs are betting on new sizes, with XL formats but also small formats for wall cladding. We can also appreciate new colors and more sophisticated finishes or reproductions of natural materials such as stone and wood. Tile installation is also experimenting in kitchen decoration with formulas that break with traditional linearity and opt for more creative and dynamic compositions.

Why choose tiling for kitchens?

Due to the intensive use and the aggressions to which we subject this room every day, it is advisable to choose a high-performance product that guarantees optimum maintenance and durability.

Despite the many options currently on the market, ceramic tiling remains the ideal system for kitchen decoration, combining design and functionality like no other material:

Aesthetically, kitchen and floor tiles are very versatile and are available in a wide variety of designs that blend with each and every one of today's decorative styles. Their designs are not only limited to floors and walls but extend to key surfaces in the kitchen such as furniture, countertops or islands.

Functionally, ceramic tiles guarantee maximum durability, resistance and easy cleaning like no other material, making them the perfect ally for keeping the kitchen looking as good as new.

For these reasons, ceramic tiling is still today the most valued material for the kitchen by users and experts in construction and renovation.

Ideas for tiling and flooring kitchens with tiles

Gayafores Cottage Core Greige Urban Porcelain Tiles 5 | Cocina

Reforming the kitchen can become an exercise in creativity and be a very pleasant process if we know all the alternatives and trust professionals to carry out the project.

Thanks to all the possibilities and resources that exist today, decorating with kitchen tiles is the freest way to create new, unique spaces with personality. New formats, designs, reliefs and textures have turned interior decoration around, leaving the traditional kitchen design far behind. Some new options and trends are:

  • Combination of different tile formats to achieve combinations with greater aesthetic power.
  • Design of spaces with a lot of character thanks to the impressive graphics of porcelain tiles imitating stone or decorative murals to highlight an area or a wall.
  • Colorful, colorful and original spaces with hydraulic tiles on floors and walls.
  • Absence of joints and homogeneity in space with large format tiles.
  • Reliefs and textures through digital ceramic printing that provide distinction and differentiation.
  • Ceramic carpets through decorative tiles or a mix of formats to delimit spaces and aesthetically reinforce the spaces.

The proposals of tiles and floor tiles to decorate the kitchen have no limits and adapt to any size and decorative style to create the ideal space in every home.

How to choose the tiles for the kitchen

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Although eclecticism and fusion of styles is becoming increasingly fashionable, it is true that each decorative trend has a number of characteristics that tend to fit better with some designs than others.

  • In rustic kitchens, stone effect tiles or wood reproduction porcelain tiles provide that particular comfort and style.
  • In modern kitchens the trend goes for bright colors or contrasts that reproduce a fun and original style.
  • For vintage kitchens, hydraulic tiles or mosaics are key.
  • Classic kitchens tend to fit in imitation marble or more elegant and sophisticated stone tiles.

One of the essentials to keep in mind when looking for tiles for the kitchen are white tiles. The "whites" in the kitchen are a classic for its versatility and possibilities of combination in multiple styles and trends. A classic that never goes out of fashion and that nowadays is reinvented with numerous finishes, variations and scale of tones, formats etc.. that open a new dimension of collections with which to bring light and balance to the design of the kitchen.

The wide variety of proposals available today in terms of ceramic tiles allow us to take the decoration of the kitchen to the highest level, regardless of the specific style we are going to apply to it. The key to a satisfactory result is to be clear about the goal we want to achieve and know where to find the necessary materials to give life to it.

Catalogs of floor and wall tiles for kitchens

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A good starting point when deciding which style will determine the design of a kitchen is to analyze all the trends and select the one that best matches the design of the house in general, the lifestyle of the owners and the use that will be given to the room.

The Gayafores ceramic tile catalog compiles the major trends in decoration with collections designed from a deep market study that seeks to launch functional and versatile collections that combine with multiple styles and become an ally to carry out the most current decoration projects. A catalog of tiles that brings together a wide variety of formats and advises graphically and visually in their placement and combination for greater versatility of the different ceramic series.

Buying tiles for the kitchen or any indoor or outdoor space is very easy thanks to the information contained in the Gayafores website or catalog, with the possibility of consulting the prices per m2 in any of the points of sale of the network of distributors present all over the world.

gayafores kitchens

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