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Marble Effect Porcelain Tile. The Resurgence of Contemporary Marble.

Marble is, without a doubt, the material par excellence in the field of interior design and decoration since ancient times. Of great value for architects and artists, its enormous beauty and potential has survived the passing of fashions and trends.

Today, this style is making a comeback with marble effect tiles with modern designs and ingenious combinations that reinforce, even more, its incredible power of seduction.

Imitation marble porcelain stoneware comes to preserve the personality, quality and elegance of marble when creating stylish environments without sacrificing the high performance of ceramics.

Porcelain Marble: Beauty and Seduction with High Performance

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Among the great advantages of marble effect porcelain stoneware is the resistance and absence of maintenance required by this material. Unlike natural marble, porcelain marble is characterized by its low porosity, which prevents stains or fluids from penetrating and damaging the surface.

Thus, we find ourselves with a material superior to its natural version in technical performance, making it a perfect choice for marble floors in spaces that require greater hygiene and cleanliness such as kitchens, bathrooms and surfaces in public spaces.

If to all this we add that, thanks to the latest technology in digital ceramic printing, Gayafores is able to recreate in detail and with maximum fidelity any design and natural graphics, we find a wide range of products that can be used in the most demanding areas. catalog of imitation marble tiles in which to select the styles, colors and finishes that best fit each interior decoration project.

Marble Effect Tile Trends & Styles

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Among the current trends in interior design, Marble is reinvented as a response to the use of classic marbles in a contemporary style.

The marble effect porcelain stoneware collections open the door to unlimited creativity with proposals for marble-inspired tiles of the most groundbreaking and original, with new colors such as black or gray, new formats that combined together achieve an unparalleled decorative effect or original designs with geometric shapes and details printed with digital technology.

Porcelain stoneware brings with it new finishes that provide a modern and contemporary touch to the look of traditional marble floors and walls. This is the case of the matte finish with a honed touch, available in some of the Gayafores ceramic marble collections, versatile and easily combined with other materials to create very different styles.

Ideas and Applications for Porcelain Stoneware Marble

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There is no doubt that decorating with marble is pure trend. In recent seasons, architects and interior designers from all over the world have succumbed to the innate beauty of a material that transmits much more than it reflects, with values such as sophistication, elegance and good taste imprinted on its graphics.

The technical characteristics provided by porcelain stoneware have helped to boost this material, making it possible to install it in the most demanding spaces. Some of the most outstanding proposals are:

  • Marble tiles for bathrooms, where it is possible to recreate rooms worthy of the best hotel and transfer luxury and sophistication to one of the rooms with the greatest exposure to aggressions and chemical products.
  • Marble tiles for kitchens, not only in walls and floors but also in countertops and furniture covering, transforming a space like this with great touches of elegance and good taste.
  • Marble tiles for living rooms and stairs, a safe bet to decorate with no other elements than the beauty of the material itself.
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Due to its enormous versatility and aesthetic properties, marble porcelain stoneware has reconquered the world of decoration and contemporary interior design, becoming one of the best resources when decorating walls and floors not only in homes but in all types of spaces and surfaces.

Thanks to its ability to reproduce elements of nature with unparalleled accuracy, marble porcelain has managed to displace natural marble, so essential in decoration for so long.

The collections of marble-inspired wall and floor tiles are growing season after season, adding new designs, exclusive combinations and incredible decorations that respond to the search for new decorative possibilities on the part of decoration professionals to achieve a renewed classic style with touches of luxury and sophistication.

Marble is here to stay in the New Porcelain Tile Catalogs

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Thanks to the permanent study and analysis of trends carried out by Gayafores, it is possible to offer the market a set of marble effect porcelain stoneware collections that stand out for the highest quality and genuine designs.

Inspired by the major trends, from neoclassical to minimalism, the ceramic marble collections in this catalog blend perfectly with each style, in a marriage of trends that gives rise to decorative projects of great aesthetic value.

Synonymous with style and good taste, porcelain stoneware imitation marble provides a natural touch with incredible chromatic nuances, veining and glossy effects that will give every room a unique and incomparable style.

gayafores Marble

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