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Imitation stone tiles for interiors and exteriors

Extreme naturalness with all the advantages of ceramics. These are the new designs of floor and wall tiles with a stone finish

In recent years, imitation stone tiles have become the most popular option when choosing flooring and wall coverings for the home. And they are so because their durability and lower cost than natural stone have made them a perfect alternative for creating environments with character. In addition, thanks to their sobriety and realistic appearance, imitation stone tiles adapt to all types of rooms.

Thanks to new manufacturing techniques, the tiles imitate stone to perfection with such a level of detail that it will be difficult to distinguish whether it is the original material.

Azulejos Imitaci N Piedra Aran Collection

Aesthetic benefits of use

Whether we are talking about imitation stone flooring or coverings, the options are practically endless. Moreover, no matter what decorative style you choose, imitation stone tiles adapt perfectly to all types of environments. A sophisticated and timeless imitation stone tile option is the Aran model , of Gayafores .

Depending on the finish chosen, the imitation stone tile, being a low porosity material, offers exceptional resistance to stains, both as flooring and as cladding. It also does not require any specific maintenance. With basic cleaning products, we can guarantee its maintenance for a long time.

Natural stone, on the other hand, needs very specific treatments, as it may leak due to liquid spillage or damp stains may appear, as it is a natural material.

Aran Almond Azulejos Efecto Piedra

Technical characteristics

When talking about porcelain stoneware with a natural stone look, it is necessary to highlight different parameters that must be taken into account. Thus, taking as an example the Colección Aran In the case of Gayafores, we would highlight the following concepts:

Caracter Sticas T Cnicas | Piedra


The flexural strength is a limit load value applied over three points that the tile can withstand without breaking.

Mohs Hardness

The MOHS scale measures the scratch resistance of the surface of the material. The rating is set from 1 to 10.

PEI Abrasion

This method, applicable to unglazed ceramic tiles, measures the resistance to deep abrasion.

Thus, the PEI IV classification refers to products for interiors and exteriors in hallways, corridors, stairways, kitchens, terraces, schools, offices, collective and multi-family dwellings, hospitals, shopping centres and airports, among others.


This parameter guarantees the good behaviour of the tile against immediate micro-cracking.

Resistance to chemical attack

Resistance to chemical attack is the ability of the glaze to tolerate contact with chemical substances at room temperature without altering its appearance.

Frost resistance

Frost resistance is the characteristic that tiles in the presence of water at temperatures below 0°C cannot be damaged by the stresses produced by the increase in volume of the water due to freezing. It is indicated when the tile is resistant.


R10 indicates a medium adhesion with an inclination plane of 10° to 19°, suitable for bathrooms and showers, kitchens in small shops, garages...

On the other hand, type C1 refers to products very suitable for interiors, such as bathrooms and kitchens, because it is very easy to clean.


Measures the dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) using a quantity of wetting agent in the water used for the test. The standard sets a minimum DCOF of greater than 0.42.

Imitation stone porcelain floor and wall tiles can completely transform interior rooms, give a rustic touch to a modern space or turn a traditional space into a completely renovated one.

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Imitation stone tiles for interiors

Opting for imitation stone tiles for interior spaces is a daring option, but one that is becoming increasingly common. These tiles can completely transform interior rooms, give a rustic touch to a modern space or turn a traditional space into a completely renovated one.

The wide range of formats, such as those presented in the Aran Collection, makes it possible to cover floors and walls of all sizes. In particular, the 60×120 format achieves a sense of continuity that visually expands spaces.

Designers, architects and interior designers have adapted the use of stone to any room, both in residential and commercial spaces, as it is a trend capable of creating more authentic spaces with a powerful personality.

Imitation stone tiles for outdoor use

Los suelos cerámicos para exteriores son una elección resistente y práctica ante la humedad, el desgaste y los cambios de temperatura. Además, resultan muy estéticos y tienen una gran variedad de diseños.

Imitation stone tiles for outdoor use are resistant to thermal shock, impact and can be non-slip. In addition, it has a very low absorption level and is much easier to lay than natural stone.

The possibilities in this respect are wide-ranging. The current trend is to use large-format pieces for outdoors, as they provide visual continuity to spaces and can create interesting effects and contrasts thanks to the combination of colours and designs.


Gayafores Aran Collection Azulejos Imitaci N Piedra


Choosing a wall or floor covering that imitates stone will allow us to be transported to natural spaces.

Plain, light colours are a perfect option for visually enlarging a space, as they bring that sense of calmness and neatness that is so sought after in a bathroom. However, if this can be monotonous, decorative or embossed tiles are perfect for personalising the bathroom, as they bring movement and life to the walls.

Aran Collection Azulejos Efecto Piedra Para Interiores

Living rooms

Imitation stone tiles can contribute to increasing the charm of special rooms such as living rooms. As well as being ideal for rustic environments, this material can be perfectly combined with any type of decoration.

The refined aesthetics of stone-effect floors, with their touch of neutrality and understated elegance, can be used to great effect in living rooms, which will appear more contemporary and luminous.

Aran Collection Azulejos Efecto Piedra Para Salones


Imitation stone tiles are ideal for rooms such as the kitchen as they have all the beauty of stone, with shades and textures typical of the natural material, together with the impermeability, hygiene and resistance to stains and knocks typical of porcelain stoneware.

Colours and shades

When choosing the flooring for the different rooms in our home, we must be aware that this choice will condition the atmosphere and the colour combinations that we can use in the future. For this reason, shades such as beige or grey are a safe bet.

Beige tones give a sensation of transparency and purity, creating a natural and calm atmosphere. It is a chromatic range that makes a dark room look sunnier and, therefore, more spacious and, in addition, they can be contrasted very well with any other colour, from the lightest to the darkest.

Grey shades are synonymous with neutrality and elegance and work very well with any colour, while highlighting bright colours and accentuating warm colours.

In short, imitation stone tiles are an excellent choice if you want to have all the elegance and majesty of natural stone and all the advantages of porcelain in terms of resistance, durability and easy maintenance.

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