Reformar el baño con estilo

The refurbishment sector is going through one of its best moments, becoming the preferred option for users to revalue and update homes and commercial spaces following the latest decorative trends.

Factors such as the slowdown in the construction of new buildings or the progressive moderation in consumption have put the reform sector in the spotlight of those who seek a partial or integral improvement of the home or business.

According to a recent study carried out by the Habitissimoplatform, more than half of Spaniards have carried out a reform in the last year either to improve the conditions or aesthetics of their usual home or as an investment to revalue a property for sale or rent.

58% of Spanish homes have started up
any repairs or renovations to your home in the last year.

Ideas to refurbish the bathroom and/or kitchen with ceramic tiles

In this context, ceramic coverings, and especially hydraulic tiles, are presented as a perfect decorative resource, capable of transforming the appearance of a room and providing a new air to spaces as disparate as the bathroom, the kitchen or even terraces and exteriors.

Azulejos Hidr Ulicos Para El Ba O | Baldosas Hidráulicas, Tendencia En Reforma Del Hogar Y Locales De Moda


According to the same study, 32% of the reforms are aimed at modernising their appearance and adapting them to new family contexts or changes in lifestyle. These data clearly reflect a change in consumer behaviour, giving greater weight and relevance to aesthetic motives than to merely functional ones.

Spaniards prefer to renovate the house rather than buy a car
Kantar 2019

Reforming the bathroom continues to be the most requested work in the reform of the home, driven largely by the search for greater comfort and a greater connection between the inhabitants of the home and the trends and decorative styles with which they identify.

In this sense, Gayafores' Deco range includes multiple collections of great decorative power that are a perfect ally for any reform and decoration project.

Azulejos Decorativos Para La Cocina | Baldosas Hidráulicas, Tendencia En Reforma Del Hogar Y Locales De Moda


Las baldosas porcelánicas hidráulicas y las colecciones de formato pequeño
with original decorations are imposed as an infallible resource
to give personality and character to a space.

Gayafores' proposals in this field include a wide range of ideas to reform the bathroom or any room following the traditional style of hydraulic with collections such as Heritage, Lumier or looking for a renewed style based on geometric games and chromatic contrasts such as Fusion, Kaleido, Melange and Velvet Geo.



The boom of hydraulics in retail and hospitality

Commercial interior design has also discovered in recent years the great power of decorative tiles to give personality to their projects and give them visibility in a sector as competitive as retail, restaurants and hotels or nightlife.

Every year, hundreds of commercial projects are dressed with Gayafores collections, which become a useful and original resource for decorating floors and walls. Deco hydraulics and collections are a very versatile solution that can be applied continuously or selectively delimiting areas or drawing beautiful carpets and with the added value of being able to combine with other ceramic products with finishes as varied as wood, cement or stone, allowing very original and personalised results to be obtained to the maximum.

Hidr Ulicos De Gayafores En El Local Cookies Amp Dreams By Alma | Baldosas Hidráulicas, Tendencia En Reforma Del Hogar Y Locales De Moda

The famous pastry maker and blogger Alma Obregón chose the Atelier Flor Brown model for the floors of her new shop in Madrid, Cookies & Dreams by Alma.

Gayafores hydraulics, a firm commitment to design

As we have already seen when talking about interior design trends for 2019, the eclectic style and the search for singular and provocative decorative proposals based on colour and vibrant graphics continues to advance with a firm step, making way in very diverse projects, both at a private and commercial level.

Therefore, any of Gayafores' Deco collections is a great choice when it comes to refurbishing the bathroom or providing style and personalisation to any public or private room.


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