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Find out the best outdoor porcelain floors to renovate terraces, balconies and swimming pools

Bring any outdoor area up to date with the latest non-slip porcelain designs

The good weather, the outdoor walks, the holidays... Summer has come. And after a time in which we have spent many days at home we have learned to value much more the outdoor flooring of our home, such as terraces, balconies, patios, attics and swimming pools. If you want to know which are the best outdoor floors for roofs or terraces, this post will interest you.

There is no doubt: The open areas of the home have taken on a leading role and this has led us to consider renewing them in order to enjoy the tranquillity and freshness they offer. Whether you live somewhere where it's already summer, or if you live in the southern hemisphere and still have to wait to enjoy the summer, it's always a good time to give a new air to the outside areas of your home.

Why choose porcelain floors for outdoor areas?

Dentro de la gama de cerámicas que hay en el mercado, los suelos porcelánicos para exterior son a safe choice por su resistencia, funcionalidad y versatilidad decorativa, siendo perfectos para revestir los pisos y paredes de terrazas modernas, balcones y exteriores de piscinas.

Another reason to choose porcelain tiles is that they offer a variety of textures and colors that have the ability to imitate other materials such as wood, stone or cement. Not to mention that they are materials that are resistant to heat and cold, non-slip and easy to maintain.

Infinite decorative possibilities according to the exterior

If you have decided that it is time to change the exterior floor of your terrace, attic or any other area of your home, in our tile catalogue encontrarás diversas propuestas de pavimentos porcelánicos que destacan por sus propiedades antideslizantes tipo 3, específico para superficies de exteriores. Y es que el gres porcelánico es un material impermeable con una mínima porosidad y una mínima absorción de agua y esto es especialmente importante en cualquier zona húmeda para evitar resbalones y caídas.

In addition, porcelain outdoor flooring is resistant to cold and heat and will not break or crack in the event of sudden temperature changes or bad weather. Neither the low temperatures of winter nor the stifling heat of the summer months affect it.

But the arguments for choosing outdoor porcelain do not end there: it is also very resistant to scratching, transit, knocks and impacts and, as if that were not enough, it offers an infinite number of decorative possibilities, with the option of wood, stone, cement, deco, rustic...

Here we leave you with different options from our range of anti-slip products so that you can choose easily:

Outdoor Terrace Floor

Natural is still in full swing. Inspired by nature, our wooden floors have an unsurpassed realism, bringing a very welcoming touch to outdoor spaces:

Exterior Floor for Balconies

Also inspired by nature, the ceramic stones dress up terraces and balconies with a very contemporary and long-lasting touch. Find your inspiration in these images:

Outdoor Floor for Swimming Pools

They don't go out of style. Its easy cleaning, neutral aesthetics and robustness make cement a particularly suitable coating material for outdoor areas or for surrounding the outside of swimming pools.

Anti-slip Exterior Floor

Mejor suelo porcelanico para exterior - Serie Sassi Anti Slip

And if you want to give a decorative touch or delimit the space, opting for a deco collection will always be a good idea. With their colours and geometric shapes they will fill your terrace or balcony with personality, turning them into unique and original spaces where you can enjoy in your lounger, preparing a barbecue or simply relaxing by reading a good book or having an aperitif.

You no longer have an excuse to renovate your outdoor spaces. With this diversity of designs, finishes and formats you are sure to find the best material to give a new air to your pool or garden area, porches, patios…

More Ideas For Your Outdoor Floors

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