Alejandria Paradise

Alejandria Paradise

The Alejandría series is a ceramic marble with a delicate grain, completely faithful to the original from which it gets its name.

With a high gloss finish and exquisite marble shading, it is ideal for walls in interior rooms, achieving breadth and much elegance.

The current version of the product invites a horizontal placement and the combination with its coordinated decoration is especially attractive due to the volume and novel optical effect that is obtained in the spaces it covers.

Finally, don't forget the paving, perfectly coordinated, in 45x45 format, with which you can achieve great harmony.

foto paradise 45×45white clay cladding





brown, crema

18x34 cm / 7,1’’x13,4’'
45x45 cm / 17,7’’x17,7’'
34x67 cm / 13,4’’x26,4’'
3x34 cm / 1,2’’x13,4’'
7x34 cm / 2,8’’x13,4’'

Gayafores Alejandria Paradise®

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