The ARDESIA collection is a faithful reproduction of this type of stone, which is so special in terms of its tones. All the stone slabs that have been presented have been carefully chosen so that despite the variety there is a precise aesthetic balance as can be seen in the images. The spaces are certainly comfortable and up-to-date. The wall reproduces the stone slabs in a truly natural way and, with a simple installation, achieves attractive decorative results to cover absolutely up-to-date and integrated spaces. The collection provides multiple solutions: walls to highlight spaces (fireplaces, separations, bars...) and non-slip roadway for exteriors to bring a complete decoration project without losing the coordination from the interior to the exterior.






natural, ocre, almond, grey

32x62,5 cm / 12,6’’x24,6’'
45x45 cm / 17,7’’x17,7’'
40,8x66,2 cm / 16,1’’x26,1’'
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Gayafores ardesia

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