We develop the Artesanía Revisitada trend in which the craft resources and Costumbrismo imagery are updated by our designers so they acquire emotional and narrative value, presenting a new collection, ATELIER.

ATELIER is a continuous hydraulic ceramic in 33x33 format which turns the past into the present.

The collection has two options: floral finish, for a romantic audience, perhaps more rustic, or geometrical finish, for more vintage or retro spaces. With grey tones for the classic or more original, less often seen, brown. Both can create rugs owing to the valance and angle that accompanies them.

The series combines perfectly and it is even possible to mix with wood, stone or other style bases; this is in fact how we present them, with our new wood or new stone products.






grey, brown

33,15x33,15 cm / 13,1’’x13,1’'
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Gayafores atelier

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