AUSTRAL is such an understated stone product series that it leads to the simplest decorative expression reminiscent of the neutral use of cements. White, grey, marengo and natural tones and graphics suggest a certain movement and avoiding a particular direction. The word austral refers to the South Pole. We were inspired by the relationship between the faint movement of the southern aurora and the tranquillity conveyed by this geographic area.

The new format of 60x120 cm and its rectified 59.5x119.5 cm is where the collection conveys the sensation of spaciousness, elegance and sophistication that we sought with this new product. Austral is also available in 45x90 cm and in 32x62.5 cm.

AUSTRAL provides an elegant base and we have taken advantage of this to design various decorations and so increase the ornamental and aesthetic value offered by this series.

One of the decorations we created is Mural Austral. This decoration simulates a soft lattice, with textured lines that play with light to give different shades to the material. Ornato Austral, with its wide variety of colours and motifs, reminds us of cement tiles. All these decorations are inspired by Japanese screens or Shoji.

Finally, Tesela Austral is a sophisticated and geometric mosaic type of decoration. We wanted to enhance Austral decorations for countries where cladding is considered particularly important. That is why we chose a new material applied using digital techniques to provide volume and texture, evoking third-firing decoration types, and we have also introduced reliefs that have continuity when they are laid together and therefore can be used for any format.

The decorations added to the Austral base can be adapted to different styles, whether they be elegant, cheerful or plain.






natural, marengo, grey, white

59,1x119,1 cm / 23,3’’x46,9’'
32x62,5 cm / 12,6’’x24,6’'
30x30 cm / 11,8’’x11,8’'
45x90 cm / 17,7’’x35,5’'
60x120 cm / 23,6’’x47,3’'
7x12 cm / 2,8”x4,7”
5x32 cm / 2’’x12,6’’
8x32 cm / 2’’x12,6’’
15x32 cm / 5,9”x12,6”
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