brick delta

brick delta

Triangles invade the rectangular brick structure giving movement to a serene, stable geometrical form. Rectangular and isosceles triangles finished in gloss that rotate and settle against each other in a combination that generates rhythm with colours and shapes. The geometric pattern provides depth against a white soft matt-finished background that illuminates and highlights positive architectural features in different spaces. Blue provides a palette of blues and greens, living hues that evoke the freshness of the sea. Mix adds yellows and oranges to the marine hues, as if bathed by the powerful rays of the sun. Greige closes and calms the collection with a play of grey and neutral shades. The bricks are available in a 11x33 format and combined in 33x33.






mix, greige, blue

11x33,15 cm / 4,3’’x13’,1'
33,15x33,15 cm / 13,1’’x13,1’'

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