Natural perfection. No two words better define the essence of CARVEN, a collection of stones that has been developed from an exquisite selection of natural material reproduced with precision using digital techniques with gofratto relief effect.

The insistence on converting digital material into the key to the ceramic product has made it possible to recreate on CARVEN’s surface a characteristic gofratto effect or, in other words, pressure relief. Implementing the latest digital technology, we manage to bring an aesthetic plus to the piece, where the textures are generated by the incidence of light. The consequence is a design very in tune with current trends in interior decoration.

CARVEN is a porcelain tile that includes base pieces in three formats (32x62.5, 45x90 and 60x120), with three grey versions of different intensity, from a slight pearl to a deep anthracite black (Dark), passing through a medium and neutral grey (Grey).

The collection is completed with a decoration for the 32x62,5 and 45x90 formats, made up of multilistons, in which the treated graphics with a gofratto finish are combined with other unaltered ones, achieving a result that is as singular as peaceful.






pearl, grey, dark

30x30 cm / 11,8’’x11,8’'
45x90 cm / 17,7’’x35,5’’
32x62,5 cm / 12,6’’x24,6’’
60x120 cm / 23,6’’x47,3’'
59,1x119,1 cm / 23,3’’x46,9’'
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Gayafores carven

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