It is a quartzite of extremely natural elegance, with digitally developed pearlescent crystallization, that comes to the surface like frost between its undulating, truncate and parallel strata, cramped to one another, showing a register of the climate changes that have generated it. It is available on light tonalities, white, almond and an intermediate shade grey, in the non-rectified 60x120 format and the rectified 45x90 and 32x62 formats.

It is complemented with a carved stone concept, with directional grooves that reproduce the beauty of the handmade artisan work, in three tonalities, white, almond and grey, for the formats 45x90 and 32x62.

iconografia porcelanicoPorcelain





white, grey, almond

30x30 cm / 11,8’’x11,8’’
45x90 cm / 17,7’’x35,5’’
32x62,5 cm / 12,6’’x24,6’’
60x120 cm / 23,6’’x47,3’’
59,1x119,1 cm / 23,3’’x46,9’’
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Gayafores Crossland®

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