DISTRICT is a product conveying the structural authenticity of display concrete, revealing its architectural origins.
We have materialised the aesthetics of striking buildings in ceramic, the essence of concrete in its natural shade of grey and also in its most novel tone, valued by the best architects, white. We also offer the tone marengo as an additional option, suggesting minimalist and industrial chromatism.

The linear decorative design fully respects the aesthetics of the product and its constructive origins; a straight line, discrete and contemporary design.

Versions include large format of 45x90, both as a foundation and for decoration, a 15x90 block that evokes the appearance of concrete formwork, 32x62.5 format and 30x30 for mosaics.






marengo, white, grey

32x62,5 cm / 12,6’’x24,6’’
45x90 cm / 17,7’’x35,5’’
30x30 cm / 11,8’’x11,8’'
15x90 cm / 5,9’’x35,5’'
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