lama abeto

lama abeto

The Lama ceramic wood collection is completed with LAMA ABETO, also inspired by plywood and made up of fine fir wood strips joined together that are used as a first class decorative solution to dress up bright and relaxing spaces.

Thanks to its meticulously worked graphics, LAMA ABETO is presented as a new version of the most common wood surfaces and is included in a Nordic style of interior design that continues to be very up-to-date. A trend that feeds on natural resources, such as light and wood, to create interiors that fall in love at first sight.

Seeking clarity and visual cleanliness, LAMA ABETO has two tones designed to convey a sense of calm and soft comfort: Natural, a warm gray tone in line with the original wood and composed of a variation of grays dotted with golden hues, and Soft, a light tone that tends to white with different shades of pearl gray.






natural, soft

15x90 cm / 5,9’’x35,5’'
20x120 cm / 7,9’’x47,3’’
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