lama haya

lama haya

LAMA HAYA is a new collection of ceramic wood initially inspired by plywood. This proposal for floor and wall tiles is the result of a very meticulous graphic elaboration process with a high level of detail. The arrangement of the thin strips, placed side by side, and the union between them facilitates a different continuous surface effect, with a touch of freshness and, above all, with a lot of personality.

This new collection of porcelain stands out for its original appearance, as it represents a very peculiar evolution of the concept of plywood, developed from strips of natural and noble wood.

With LAMA HAYA wood is consolidated as the protagonist material of natural, warm and comfortable spaces, starting from the union of beech wood strips, with its most singular characteristics in terms of uniform texture, light tonality, linear fibres and fine grain.

LAMA HAYA is presented in 20×120 and 15×90 formats and in two highly fashionable tones: Natural, inspired by the appearance of the original steamed wood and in which whitish browns are combined with warm ochres, and Soft, which provides the shades of clarity and luminosity typical of whites.






soft, natural

20x120 cm / 7,9’’x47,3’’
15x90 cm / 5,9’’x35,5’'
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