lama pino

lama pino

Wood becomes the central element of natural, cosy and comfortable spaces that invite to calm and relax. As in the case of Lama Haya and Lama Roble, LAMA PINO takes as its starting point the concept of classic plywood to go one step further in the evolution of wooden surfaces. In this case, the union of fine pine wood strips together with a new and delicately worked graphic provide a rustic touch full of its own personality.

The two tones in which LAMA PINO appears on stage are inspired, on the one hand, by the natural cream shade of the original wood, combining soft ivories and yellows with veins of white shades (Natural) and, on the other hand, by a shade more inclined to the range of whites with golden shades (Soft).

The collection includes the formats 20×120 and 15×90, which provide multiple options in terms of placement: horizontal, vertical locked or herringbone.

In short, LAMA PINO is total versatility for a renewed decorative vision, in which interiors become simple, neutral and functional spaces, giving priority to luminosity and spaciousness.






soft, natural

20x120 cm / 7,9’’x47,3’’
15x90 cm / 5,9’’x35,5’'
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