lama roble

lama roble

LAMA ROBLE is presented as an evolution of the most classic wooden surfaces, but with a great graphic work that gives it a strong personality, from small and worked pieces with which we have achieved a homogeneous product of great continuity.

Inspired by the concept of plywood, this new porcelain proposal is made up of fine oak wood strips joined together. This wood has an attractive appearance whose surface is made up of strips of fine wood that play with the visible, multi-striped wood radii that are so characteristic of oak.

With LAMA ROBLE wood becomes the protagonist material of natural, warm, cosy, elegant and timeless spaces.

LAMA ROBLE is a perfect option for covering all types of surfaces in any room in the home or in commercial spaces, with all the advantages of porcelain in terms of resistance, durability, hygiene and simple maintenance, and is easily combined with other ceramic materials such as stone, cement and marble.

This new collection joins our wood catalogue with two formats (20×120 and 15×90) and with two tones: Natural, inspired by the toasted colour of the original wood accompanied by distinguished brown shades; and Soft, which reproduces the softness of the lighter honey shades.






soft, natural

20x120 cm / 7,9’’x47,3’’
15x90 cm / 5,9’’x35,5’'
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