The strength of the history of this region of the American continent is reflected in this stone, with a strong personality and great richness of details. The product reveals the glacial origins of this land of extremes, irregularities of great beauty generated by the action of mantle eruptions, with marine and basaltic sediments composing the stunning natural surroundings. This profound intensity is manifested in Marengo, the grey hue that evokes a mantle of cemented boulders, exposed almond-toned sandy sediments and the luminosity of light white-toned sandy beaches. Natural stimuli for an exuberant and captivating stone supplied in all formats, 60x120, 45x90 and 32x62 to clad the most modern and cosmopolitan of spaces.

The collection is complemented with a decoration based on the directionality of the surface treatment of vertical lines, evoking fine scoring with a change of material, lines in relief with glossy shades combining with matt scored low-relief lines, generating striations of great serenity and compositional rigour.

ambiente patagonia blancoPorcelain





white, almond, marengo, grey

60x120 cm / 23,6’’x47,3’'
30x30 cm / 11,8’’x11,8’'
45x90 cm / 17,7’’x35,5’'
32x62,5 cm / 12,6’’x24,6’’
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