An especially authentic renovated rustic style and therefore with a traditional flavour but perfectly suitable for very modern spaces, as shown in the pictures. It is available in natural clay formats: 33x33 and listel of 16x33 and shades that span from classic crema, natura or cotto (very homely) to grey, which evokes the cement for very leading-edge urban style spaces.

In addition, to aesthetically heighten these spaces, we suggest combining Rustic with Heritage cement tiles, also old-fashioned materials but totally applicable to today because of the vintage trends that are so much in vogue among decorators.

iconografia porcelanicoPorcelain





natura, grey, crema, cotto

33,15x33,15 cm / 13,1’’x13,1’’
16,5x33,15 cm / 6,5’’x13,1’'
16,5x16,5 cm / 6,5’’x6,5’'
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Gayafores rustic®

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