It is a precious collection of marbles in neutral tonalities, white, grey and black, with matt finish that is honed to the touch, versatile, and easy to combine with different materials to create a vast array of environments.

It is presented in small formats, 33x33, 16x16 dowels, and 33x33 or 11x33 bricks. On a decorative level, black and white chart patterns of a revisited retro aesthetic have been developed, playing with parallel and crossed straight forms that generate sprigs, rhombuses and varied regular shapes. These are filled in contrast with the marbles in the Velvet-Geo and have their ridges drawn digitally on the Brick Velvet-Geo, generating delicate shapes in silver tones.






negro, grey, white

33,15x33,15 cm / 13,1’’x13,1’’
16,5x16,5 cm / 6,5’’x6,5’’
30x30 cm / 11,8’’x11,8’'
11x33,15 cm / 4,3’’x13,1’’
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Gayafores Velvet

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