VILLAGE is an untreated wood sawn in different directions, with very marked veins and alternating fibres, the ultimate rustic wood. This wood is characterised by its splits and cracks, which are features that normally detract from value in the wood sector because they are considered to be imperfections caused by poor drying. These details make the design even more realistic. It also provides a naturalness as they incorporate all the defects of wood.

The colours of Village are white, grey, honey and natural and come in a new format of 20x120 cm and in the 15x90 slat that is common in all our wood collections.

In order to enable alternating colour tones, we have created an exclusive Mix for Village, which can be combined in multiple combinations to create a rustic-urban feel.






natural, mix, honey, grey, white

20x120 cm / 7,9’’x47,3’’
15x90 cm / 5,9’’x35,5’'
20,2x66,2 cm / 8’’x26,1"
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Gayafores village

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