Gayafores Qualitron 00

Gayafores advances in its commitment to innovation

Gayafores is committed to the future with the most advanced quality control systems.

In line with the technological projection that we have been incorporating during the last few years in our manufacturing processes, Gayafores is undertaking an important investment project, co-financed by FEDER Funds, to improve its quality control systems.Gayafores acomete un importante proyecto de inversión, co-financiado por los Fondos FEDER, para la mejora de sus sistemas de control de calidad.

The project consists of the implementation of an advanced automatic classification system based on artificial vision, through the acquisition of QUALITRON equipment from SYSTEM Ceramics. Within the different systems for controlling the quality of ceramic pieces, QUALITRON allows us to detect the shade of the piece, totally separated from the search for defects, thanks to the use of an independent lighting that allows us to analyse complex tones controlling elements such as the background, granularity, colour distribution and surface brightness.

The quality is under control in Gayafores, thanks to the help received by FEDER Funds we have acquired a simple, immediate and automatic system that provides a highly reliable artificial vision for the verification of the final product before being boxed.

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