Nuevo catálogo de tendencias 2019

Create your own universe with Gayafores at Cevisama 2019

Gayafores is attending Cevisama with a new catalogue full of trends and novelties based on unique and special products that will help customers create their own universe of design. The collections will be launched at the new booth of the company, with an amazing design that will catch the attention of the visitors.

Aligned with the corporate leit motiv YOU YOU & YOU, the collections for 2019 season are defined by the details providing interior design with added value.

New Collections. New Universes

La nueva serie SASSI se suma a la colección de cementos de Gayafores. Su acabado suave es ideal para el diseño de ambientes cálidos, sofisticados y acogedores. Su paleta de colores suaves Marengo, Gris, Arena, Beige y Blanco, sumado a una gráfica tranquila y compacta, hacen de Sassi una colección profundamente bella y atemporal.

foto sassi vestidor

Sassi provides a counterpoint to Studiopresented at the last Cersaie exhibition. It is a reinforced cement whose main feature is the simple, compelling beauty of the raw material. This raw, yet friendly qualities enable the Studio series to recreate natural spaces of great beauty.

BELSIZE, derivado del francés “bel assis” que significa “bien situado”, es la nueva colección de Gayafores de “formato bello” inspirada en la madera. Juega combinando tabillas anchas y estrechas con detalles “sutiles” y mezcla de texturas. Destacan las marcas transversales de corte de sierra entremezcladas con listones de vetas longitudinales como resultado de un exquisito ejercicio de artesanía. Disponible en tonos Natural, Miel, Almond y Blanco con vetas suaves y elegantes.

foto belsize natural detalle
foto crossland blanco

A natural and highly elegant quartzite, Crosslandseries features pearly crystallisations made using digial material, appearing like frost between the wavy layers and giving a stunning look to any interior decor.

Acclaimed for its success in previous collections, the Gayafores Deco range Gayafores includes three new products in the 2019 trends catalogue:

La serie LUMIER recupera el protagonismo de las baldosas hidráulicas artesanales como elemento decorativo, evolucionando de la reconocida serie Heritage. This time with a larger size format and a different style that still preserves the brand's trademark passion for tradition, geometry and colour. Available in a beautiful Mix tone featuring vibrant ochres, greens and oranges, the freshness of the Blue with a deep palette of blues and a serene Black with a range of neutral shades.


La serie FUSION añade un toque decorativo animado basado en un look geométrico donde destacan las cualidades de los materiales que lo componen, como el jesmonite y el terrazo, mezclados con cementos más tranquilos.

Following its presentation at Cersaie 2018, Velvet series continues to make an impact for its reinvention of the use of classic marble as a decorative trend. This beautiful collection of marbles in Blanco, Gris and Negro, with a matte finish and a velvety feel, makes it a versatile choice, so easy to combine and configure spaces in a wide range of styles. It comes finished with decoration based on revisited retro style graphic patterns in black and white, geometric shapes and colour contrasts.

foto velvet bagno

At Gayafores we create our own Universe. And with each new collection we extend it a bit further. Each and every one of them has been designed to transport us to all types of worlds. Now, it’s your turn to select, combine and create your own Universe. A Universe of patterns, materials, reliefs, sizes and shapes that will leave nobody unmoved.

See you at Cevisama 2019 Level 2 Pavilion 1 Booth D48!


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