Moodboard Gayafores Gudy Herder

Photography: @joanoguera

Gayafores participates in a Gudy Herder masterclass on moodboard creation

Popular trend consultant shows how to turn these boards into a powerful design and communication tool

Learn how to create a moodboard to use it as an effective tool when it comes to clearly communicating creative projects. This has been the objective of the masterclass entitled 'How to use moodboard as a tool for design and communication', which has been taught by the trends consultancy Gudy Herder in which the industrial designer Elena Montins has participated, in representation of the Design department of Gayafores .

Moodboard Gayafores Gudy Herder

Photography: @joanoguera

But what is a moodboard? Literally, it can be said to be a "wall of inspiration" and is the preliminary step before starting a project, as it helps to organize ideas.

Therefore, a moodboard has a very important function in organizations where design, creativity and trends are key, as is the case of Gayafores .

Inspire, transmit and, ultimately, sell

Moodboard Gayafores Gudy Herder

Photography: @joanoguera

In this workshop, directly linked to interior design and lifestyle, Gudy Herder, the driving force behind www.eclectrictrends.comshowed participants the keys to anticipating trends and creating products that inspire, transmit sensations and emotions and, of course, conquer the consumer. And precisely all these aspects are part of the DNA of the Product Design and Development team of Gayafores .

Gudy Herder defines herself as a "visual creative" who constantly investigates upcoming trends in interior design and lifestyle. In her opinion, "working creatively to unite images, color and materials, these visual signs become trends.

Moodboard made with Aura Collection Gayafores

Trends in interior design and lifestyle

With these premises, the new collections of Gayafores Aura y Brick Gradient, together with Brick Velvet, Patagonia y Oregon have served as the basis for the creation of a moodboard with which a series of visual and verbal ideas have become a tangible element in which ceramics are the absolute protagonist. To this end, the session began with an initial analysis in which the message was determined, to then learn to apply the design criteria that ensure a balanced composition, analyze elements of visual language and focus on the essential elements of the board. The workshop ended with a lesson on how to present a moodboard.

According to Elena Montins, "participating in this activity has been a very positive experience, since, applied to the ceramic production process, working with moodboards means simplifying the planning of new projects, clarifying ideas and concepts and generating a differentiated style throughout the creative process. At the same time, we improve teamwork and consolidate our own identity that contributes to the result, that is to say, the ceramic product, being unique and different".

E. Montins: "participating in this activity has been a very positive experience, since, applied to the ceramic production process, working with moodboards means simplifying planning, clarifying ideas and generating a differentiated style"

Moodboard made with Carven Collection Gayafores

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