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Gayafores presents a new interactive application for product presentation

It is a firm commitment to the digital experience in order to deliver the value proposition to the customer more efficiently

Technology and the new reality of the digital economy offer brands 4.0 a unique opportunity. Aware of this, Gayafores is betting on the digital experience to bring added value to its customers, through an interactive application, and adapting to the current reality marked by the situation generated by Covid-19 around the world, something which, in recent months, has accelerated the digital transformation of companies in all sectors.

Gayafores Lavik App Porcelain Tiles 3 | Gayafores Presenta Una Nueva Aplicación Interactiva Para La Presentación De Productos

Without losing the essence that characterises it and evolving in the way it relates to its different stakeholders, Gayafores has set itself the goal of continuing to grow in parallel in the physical and digital environment, in the context of a digitalised and globalised economy in which the world is the market.

Thus, Gayafores takes advantage of new technological resources and implements new digital tools for the presentation of its products, which allow it to improve both the customer experience and the efficiency of showing the value proposition.

Gayafores Lavik App Porcelain Tiles 4 | Gayafores Presenta Una Nueva Aplicación Interactiva Para La Presentación De Productos

Lavik Interactive Application

In this context, Gayafores pone en marcha una aplicación interactiva, que se puede descargar clicando en este enlace, basada en un entorno generado en 3D y 360º, en el que el usuario puede interactuar con varios puntos dentro de la escena.

Lavik Collection has served as a launching pad for this application. Downloading the application on their device, the user has the option of accessing it as often as they wish without the need for an Internet connection.

Usability is one of the outstanding features of the application, which works intuitively. The user can even download the app and access it later without the need for Internet access.

The operation is very simple and intuitive, as the menus, perspectives and interactive buttons are fully visible and recognisable, as well as including various texts and images that contribute to greater usability and easy navigation within the app.

Gayafores Lavik App Porcelain Tiles 1 | Gayafores Presenta Una Nueva Aplicación Interactiva Para La Presentación De Productos

Exclusive special features

Lavik's interactive application has several peculiarities, as it has been developed specifically for this purpose. First of all, it has a unique 360º view of a harmonious and wide space studied in detail together with the team of Gayafores to convey as faithfully as possible the essence of this range of porcelain stone.

As an introduction, it includes a video with four shots that allow you to appreciate the details of the product. Interactive features include access to the collection catalogue and 3D environments. In addition, a specific tool allows you to manipulate the pieces in three dimensions and appreciate their aesthetics with total realism, with the possibility of even seeing them in augmented reality.

Gayafores Lavik App Porcelain Tiles 6 | Gayafores Presenta Una Nueva Aplicación Interactiva Para La Presentación De Productos


The app has two main menus. The first menu gives access to the application's tools: full screen display, audio and gyroscope activation/deactivation, automatic rotation and access to viewing via virtual reality goggles. The second menu connects to the profiles of Gayafores on the main social networks. It also includes a button to access the company's website and another that displays a contact form.

Finally, there is the possibility to make guided tours via video call without leaving the application.

Full screen display, activation/deactivation of audio and gyroscope, automatic rotation and access to viewing through virtual reality glasses are some of the main functionalities offered by the application.

In short, with this new tool Gayafores is one step closer to the new digital customer, offering them an experience adapted to the current moment and to the new habits and preferences of the user. The company will soon present other applications linked to some of its most representative porcelain floor and wall tile collections.

Video presentation

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