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Gayafores renews advanced artificial vision systems in the production line

This technology allows the detection of anomalies in the product and notably improves the manufacturing process of ceramic pieces

Quality, through continuous improvement, is a constant objective in the day-to-day of Gayafores . Thus, the company has just completed a project to implement and renew new advanced artificial vision systems, which has been developed within the scope of the aid programme to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of industrial SMEs in the Valencia Region.

Advanced artificial vision systems contribute substantially to improving the ceramic manufacturing process, as they analyse products in a precise and detailed manner, identifying possible anomalies, thanks to the incorporation of state-of-the-art software and different artificial vision cameras. The detection of possible errors in order to proceed with their correction is, without doubt, a tool of the utmost importance to ensure compliance with established quality standards.

Automated process

In this respect, it should be recalled that the application of these advanced machine vision systems brings significant benefits. As the Operations Director of Gayafores , Carlos García-Rojo, "with this technology, which we have been using for years, not only corrects incidents related to the control of the manufacturing process and increases the quality of the products, as the margin of error is reduced, but also increases productivity. Furthermore, its use reduces costs and makes resources more efficient. An additional advantage is that by obtaining a homogeneous final product that meets the quality levels we set, the customer perceives that their expectations have been met and, therefore, we favour the commercial relationship and brand image".

Specifically, the project consisted of renewing some existing equipment and starting up a new one on the sorting line. These machines perform tone identification through three dedicated lighting systems, combined with vision systems and cameras, which facilitate detailed verification to identify structural and decorative defects. The system, known as Qualitron, consists of 6000 point cameras, a sealed darkroom area and a fourth generation IR illuminator.

The vision system for quality control involves the automation of the selection of ceramic pieces in the unloading of boxes and in classification, managing this task in real time. In addition, this machine autonomously configures the levels of acceptability and has an automatic toner, so that each parameter is self-regulated and controlled over time. In addition, the management software allows the creation of an archive with information and statistics to compare the productions in different periods of time.

Hijos de Francisco Gaya Fores, SL has received a grant of 35,950.25 euros for its project 'New advanced artificial vision systems',

file number INPYME/2020/198, within the Program of Aids to improve competitiveness

and sustainability of industrial SMEs in the Valencian Community

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