Gayafores Global EPD certificate

Global EPD certification guarantees the sustainability of Gayafores products

The company renews this environmental statement analysing the life cycle of ceramic tiles

Life cycle analysis of products and services has become an essential tool for organizations that want to compete with guarantees in increasingly demanding markets. In this sense, Gayafores increases its reliability with the support of Aenor, through the Certification Program Global EPD for the verification of Environmental Product Declarations (PAD), which provide the environmental profile of a product or service through quantified environmental data, in accordance with applicable European and international standards.

These declarations provide, in a transparent and verifiable manner, information on the environmental performance of products throughout their life cycle and form part of a set of ecolabels and environmental declarations included in the ISO 14020 series of international standards. In addition, they seek to ensure truthful information that avoids greenwashing by providing consumers with confidence.

In this regard, and true to its firm commitment to sustainability, Gayafores has just obtained the renewal of the Global EPD environmental statement certification for tile in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804.

What are Environmental Product Declarations?

The Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) provide reliable, relevant, transparent and verified environmental information that makes it possible to highlight a product that is respectful of the environment, assures the Quality Manager of Gayafores , Juan Palomero, who adds that "we chose Global EPD because it is the one with the highest international prestige compared to other ecolabels of a more local nature".

Gayafores sostenibilidad

The Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) can be defined as ecolabels that transparently communicate the environmental impact throughout the life cycle of products".

On the other hand, from Ascer point out that "Environmental Product Declarations can be defined as ecolabels that allow the environmental impact throughout the life cycle of products to be communicated in a transparent manner".

The use of this communication tool has increased considerably in recent years and, although they are a voluntary eco-labelling methodology, they have established themselves as a key aspect for increasing the competitiveness of companies in certain countries and for facilitating access to markets with a particular sensitivity to actions aimed at improving the environment.

Gayafores Global EPD Sustainability

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