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Porcelain Stoneware wood effect:
Design and Technology for a Classic

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Those who love the warmth and naturalness of wood decoration are in luck thanks to the latest generation of porcelain stoneware collections. Wood is undoubtedly the material par excellence in interior design for its great versatility and potential, combining with all decorative styles and providing strength and personality.

Among the main trends in interior design there is never a lack of parquet or platform floors in garden or swimming pool areas, to which we now add the cladding or ceilings with rustic wood slats but with a very modern touch.

The great contribution of porcelain stoneware to contemporary architecture is the technical performance of a material that, added to its aesthetic and creative potential, offers unparalleled strength and durability. This characteristic makes porcelain wood a safe bet both in interior spaces and in terraces or exteriors.

Characteristics of Porcelain Stoneware

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The secret of the advantages of porcelain stoneware over other materials lies in its manufacture and composition, manufactured in a single firing that makes it more compact and resistant. Other characteristics are:

  • Being a compact material it has a minimum level of water absorption.
  • A non-slip finish can be applied, making it ideal for very specific areas where water and humidity are common.
  • Resistant to chemicals and abrasives.
  • Resistant to low and high temperatures.
  • Inalterable to thermal changes so it can be used in exteriors and radiant floors.

Advantages of Imitation Wood Porcelain Flooring

With the incorporation of the latest generation technology in digital ceramic printing, the wood-ceramic collections by Gayafores reproduce to the maximum the tone, the graphics and even the texture of the most exquisite and most demanded woods in interior design. It is a sustainable and ecological way of transferring the best of nature to decoration.

At a technical level, it is also an extremely durable material that does not require any type of maintenance, resulting in a success in domestic interior design projects, but also in commercial premises or public spaces, outdoor areas or wet areas. Among its great advantages:

  • Easy installation.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Easy to clean, maintained with a neutral soap but withstands disinfectants or more aggressive products if necessary.
  • Antibacterial, perfect for hospitals or medical centres, gyms, residences, changing rooms, showers, etc.

For all these characteristics, porcelain wood is the ideal solution for architects and decorators in all types of interior and exterior decoration projects knowing that they can rely on a material that guarantees the highest performance in terms of quality and design.

Wood Inspiration Tile Textures and Finishes

The success of wood-imitation porcelain stoneware in the world of decoration and interior design is undoubtedly its natural look.

On an aesthetic level, porcelain stoneware has found an added value to its high quality thanks to its technical capacity to recreate natural wood. Through the new techniques of digital printing it is possible to produce spectacular pieces with a wide variety of finishes that open the doors of a very varied decorative world that plays with different textures and effects on walls and floors of interior and exterior.

  • In terms of textures, the roughness and reliefs typical of noble woods are reproduced, making the porcelain floor look authentic to the touch. Also in the decoration of walls, porcelain pieces of different sizes are combined to obtain an exaggerated play of textures and reliefs, with a relaxed result to the purest shabby chic.
  • The effects and finishes also make it possible to adapt successfully to any style and decorative trend:
    • Natural, where pure colors highlight the veins and knots of the wood integrating nature in every environment.
    • Polished in matt, for elegant spaces, with a much softer finish to the touch.
    • Aged or pickled, where the effect of the passage of time is reflected with small imperfections and unique details.

Chromatic Variety and Styles in Porcelain Wood Effect

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When we decide to embellish the floors or walls with wood decoration, we can incline towards the more natural classic tones, such as oak, walnut or teak, timeless colours and permanently updated interior design. If we seek to break with the traditional and bet a more innovative style, we can find ceramic tiles and imitation wood tiles with breaking tones such as white or blue, combined with vetoed effects or worn details that add character to the spaces.

The great personality of these new wood effect wall and floor coverings with new shades and colours facilitates the design of new environments and stimulates creativity to personalize each space.

  • In interior floors combining ceramic parquet sheets in different shades of natural wood.
  • For modern walls in kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms where white porcelain slats are mixed with aged blues ideal for a vintage style.
  • In pool floors where teak coloured porcelain flooring causes a sensation.
  • In companies and public places, where visual impact is fundamental, the new designs in large format wood effect porcelain slabs set the trend.

Trends in Porcelain Wood

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From the most classic to the most innovative styles, there is no tendency to resist wood-effect tiles:

  • Country style, very close to the rustic style where the ceramic floors imitation wood are a fundamental part of the decoration.
  • Provencal style where the wood effect coatings are characterized by a more decorative spirit.
  • Vintage style, marked by the stoneware imitation wood of aged effect, where to the worn wood, with small marks the contrasts of color are united to him to obtain a retro, informal style.
  • Nordic style, with imitation wood porcelain floors in light tones that provide luminosity and combine perfectly with the minimalist style that characterizes this decorative line.
  • Ethnic style, an eclectic style that encompasses all the nuances that gives you the wood being very characteristic warm tones such as ochre or reddish.

Really the porcelain stoneware imitation wood provides a lot of play in decorative material. There are no limits in applications and uses, from furniture, stairs, facades, shelves, floors or walls, this material can be combined with other materials such as metals or glass and will always be a winning bet to decorate not only the home, but commercial premises, companies or public spaces with great elegance and style.

Formats and Possibilities in Wood Effect Tiles

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The great variety of formats in which the stoneware tiles of imitation wood are presented allows to decorate very diverse spaces.

From small mosaic tiles, to large-format tiles that are perfect for cladding facades and a wide range of special pieces for cladding staircases, skirting boards, swimming pool edges, furniture or even in the world of landscaping, wood-effect porcelain stoneware leads to a decorative game that admits an infinite number of designs.

The most common formats for imitation wood floors are those that simulate parquet in the form of boards, slats or strips where the different widths of the tiles and the way they are laid create original and elegant designs:

  • In parallel, the more traditional arrangement of laying the ceramic parquet imitating the natural parquet and that admits multiple variants with elegant designs very appreciated in platforms and interior floors.
  • In herringbone, creating very showy floors in which you can combine different shades of wood to make them more personalized.
  • In checkers where the porcelain pieces imitation wood join forming interlaced squares with which you can create a multitude of designs.

But these formats and layouts are not only relegated to the pavement, but the latest trends are betting on recreating spectacular designs also on the walls to complete a fully customized decoration.

Porcelain Wood Trends Catalogue

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The catalog of Gayafores collects new trends in porcelain woods and ways to implement them in the design of interiors and exteriors with multiple possibilities in the field of architecture, interior design and landscaping with a wide selection of environments and proposals.

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