New Heritage

Gayafores Heritage, the revival that triumphs all over the world

Private homes, commercial premises, restaurants and even television spots are following the trend led by this ceramic collection.

Knowing how to listen to customers, paying attention to their needs, investigating and working to offer them what they are looking for and/or require are key factors for the success of any product. In the year commemorating its 120th anniversary, Gayafores recalls it’s advancement over all those years in which it has been keeping up to date and adapting to the demands of the market, positioning itself as one of the leading companies in ceramic design and innovation.

A fruit of all this effort in research and trend analysis is the Heritage collection, a pioneer in the reinstatement of the cement tile; a revival adopted by the latest interior design and architecture projects. Since its launch in 2013, the Heritage series has been a worldwide success story, seeing its three colour versions (Grey, Mix and Black) selected for hundreds of projects of the most diverse characteristics and sizes.

So, in its four years of life, the Heritage collection has been applied in continuous flooring, decorative details such as the ceramic carpet, as a wall coating and even covering for furniture, kitchens and other parts of the home. The collection can be found in dozens of projects and private homes, with many owners proudly showing off their designs on social networks. Architects and interior designers all over the world have not been able to resist the aesthetic appeal of these tiles, including them in their portfolios of materials and taking them along to projects and designs for their customers.

Proof of the spread and impact of the Heritage series is its recent appearance in a summer 2017 TV spot for a well-known brand of instant cocoa.

Gayafores enthusiastically celebrates the huge success of this collection, in recognition of its efforts for innovating and launching quality collections on the market and revealing a vision of design that connects with its customers and becomes a part of their lives.

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