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Gayafores presents new collections of floor and wall tiles with the claim 'Feel with us the essence of Cersaie'

With illusion and optimism. This is how faces Gayafores the new season. Under the claim 'Feel with us the essence of Cersaie', the company aims to convey a message of confidence and renewed energy to coincide with the presentation of the new collections it has prepared in recent months. Because, despite the complicated situation generated globally by the Covid-19, Gayafores has not ceased to be on the move, working day by day to develop decorative solutions for today's habitat.

Although Cersaie will not be held in this 2020, Gayafores wants to share with clients and collaborators the essence of this event, the international reference meeting for the ceramic sector, and to make known new proposals that elevate ceramics to a new dimension.

GRACE, added value for interior decoration

Grace is the first of the collections that Gayafores launches as a novelty, reinterpreting the traditional hydraulic tile with continuous modular pattern. Its eclectic and captivating design is based on the repetition of a pattern composed of unique stylised motifs, facilitating the configuration of endless surfaces with a powerful added value for contemporary interior design.

Hidr Ulicos Maderas Y M Rmoles Para La Nueva Temporada En Cer Mica

The Grace Collection is suitable for application as a floor or wall covering in all types of interior spaces, exclusively or in combination with other finishes, such as wood, soft stone or neutral cement, and can also be used as a decorative resource for the delimitation of specific areas.

Hidr Ulicos Maderas Y M Rmoles Para La Nueva Temporada En Cer Mica

Another of the outstanding aspects of this new hydraulic lies in the selection of colours, which we have taken care of in detail to obtain the most appropriate mixes: Grace Beige combines pink beige and maroon; Grace Blue includes a medium-cold grey and a classic blue; and Grace Grey is composed of a warm, ochre-coloured grey. The chromatic aspect of the three models in the collection is completed with flashes of brown and anthracite as the common denominator.

Gayafores Grace Grey Hydraulic Tiles Hidr Ulicos | Hidráulicos, Maderas Y Mármoles Para La Nueva Temporada En Cerámica

When everything isn't invented

Along with Grace, in the next few weeks Gayafores will present two other new collections of reinterpreted hydraulics that also focus on design to expand the potential of the porcelain product as a first-rate decorative resource in all types of interior decoration projects.

Also, coming soon,Gayafores will be presenting its new proposals in wood, with four models that represent a step forward, demonstrating that not everything in this product range has been invented.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the company has developed two new marbles in which the digital materia has a very important weight.

In short, with the launch of these new collections Gayafores claims the essence of Cersaie as a meeting point for the world's ceramic industry and as a showcase for new trends at the highest level. A fundamental support that will make the wait until the 2021 edition more bearable and always with the confidence that we will dress up our space again in the emblematic BolognaFiere site to meet again.

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