Tendencias Interiores 2020

Gayafores delves into styles that anticipate the decorative trends of the coming season

The presentation of ceramic collections in Cersaie is the starting point for the analysis of trends that are expected to dominate the most prominent interior design projects in 2020. Therefore, professionals from fields such as decoration, architecture and construction materials from all over the world come every year to get to know first-hand the latest trends presented at the event and the stand of Gayafores .

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With this in-depth task of research and study, on the one hand, and the main conclusions on trends and interior design in 2020 compiled in the latest report by the Ceramic Observatory and the Observatory of Habitat Trends 19/20 on the other hand, we dare to anticipate the keys to succeed in our future projects.

Considering the new trends showed at Cersaie and the main conclusions on habitat and interior design compiled in the latest reports, we dare to anticipate the keys to succeed in interior design and decoration for 2020.

Interior design in 2020. Keys to success

Foto Carven Grey Recibidor | Interiorismo En 2020. Tendencias Que Brillarán En Los Proyectos De Decoración.

The naturalness, luminosity and warmth of the spaces will be maintained as a fundamental pillar in the interior design of the coming years. The search for intimate and welcoming spaces that become sanctuaries of relaxation will be one of the main premises when proposing interior architecture.

Under this concept Gayafores has developed a collection of novelties designed with the purpose of transmitting sensations and finding the perfect balance in the decoration.

Among the most outstanding collections we find a palette of tones that revolves around the concept Off White and the return of beige among the trendy colors.

Beige returns this season ready to enrich the traditional palette of neutrals with new shades that will provide the exact point of luminosity and warmth required by the most exquisite decoration projects.

Detalle Mural Aura Crema Salon | Interiorismo En 2020. Tendencias Que Brillarán En Los Proyectos De Decoración.


The recovery of the classics from a soft and delicate perspective with minimalist finishes, but with warm touches, is the premise under which the Soft Heritage trend arises. Within this framework, and inspired by light marbles, the collection Aura reverts the original material to place it in current contexts where avant-garde and tradition come together in perfect balance.

The word 'aura', from the Greek, refers to the special halo surrounding a person or an object. Therefore, its leitmotiv is to transmit sensations.

Revestimientos Cocina Tendencias 2020 | Interiorismo En 2020. Tendencias Que Brillarán En Los Proyectos De Decoración.


Dramatic Interior is another of the trends that are coming to stay. They highlight the intense stones and special finishes with a strong commitment to black or navy. The collection Carven, one of the most acclaimed novelties in this edition of Cersaie, has been developed from an exquisite selection of natural stone (Stone grey) reproduced with precision using digital techniques with a gofratto effect, a type of pressure relief that brings an incredible effect and realism to the surface.

Thanks to the latest digital technology, we are able to provide an aesthetic plus to the piece, where the textures are generated by the incidence of light. The result is a design very in tune with current trends in interior decoration.

Detalle Carven Grey Bano | Interiorismo En 2020. Tendencias Que Brillarán En Los Proyectos De Decoración.


The sinuous lines and shapes that bring life and a sense of movement will maintain their leadership in decorative trends for 2020. The collection Brick Gradient was born in response to this demand with a new concept deco in brick format with great decorative potential. Linear geometries and a dynamic and flexible color palette with a careful chromatic variety of neutrals make this a wise choice to decorate spaces and rooms throughout the house.

With Brick Gradient the distribution of colour, always orbiting around neutrals and with white as the guiding thread, takes on key importance.

Foto Brick Gradient Aqua Cafe | Interiorismo En 2020. Tendencias Que Brillarán En Los Proyectos De Decoración.


The digital materia has a leading role in the collections presented by Gayafores in Cersaie, allowing the recreation of effects on the brand's exclusive and unpublished surfaces and achieving an aesthetic plus of the pieces in tune with the major trends in interior decoration.

Discover the origin and inspiration from which our collections are born from the hand of our colleague from the Product Design Department Elena Montins!

Interiorismo En 2020 Tendencias Que Brillar N En Los Proyectos De Decoraci N


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