Pablo Erroz and Gayafores

Pablo Erroz and Gayafores strengthen the connection between fashion and ceramics

Timelessness and sustainability for successful partnerships

Fashion and ceramics form a perfect tandem. At Gayafores we understand this and a good example of this is the recent collaboration that we have carried out with the designer Pablo Erroz for the presentation of his collection Non-Seasonal 2022 in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (MBFW), where we intervened the catwalk with a hundred pieces of the Canyon Pearl porcelain model. Since that moment, which was a unique experience with a remarkable media impact, the foundations of a special synergy between the ceramic brand and the prolific creative director have been laid.

Pablo Erroz is one of the most promising Spanish designers of the moment. Formed in the ranks of Inditex and considered by Vogue as "heir to the New York cool", has been recognized internationally on several occasions, has paraded in MBFW Madrid, Vienna Fashion Week and 080 Barcelona Fashion, has been selected as 'brand to watch' by the trend portal WGSN and has been included in the short list for the award Who's On Next of Vogue Spain to the best designer of the year, as well as in the Italian section of Vogue Talents. He has also been part of the design teams of Massimo Dutti and Bershka and has been creative director of Caramelo.

However, despite this impressive trajectory, the designer is characterized by a serene humility and overflowing enthusiasm and energy. In the following lines, we delve a little deeper into Pablo Erroz's universe, his relationship with ceramics and his short-term projects.

Pablo Erroz: the interview

GAYAFORES. How did you hear about the brand Gayafores ?

PABLO ERROZ. In addition to fashion, I also work in the world of interior design. Gayafores is a reference in the sector that has very interesting proposals, which I always like to take into account.

GF. What struck you the most about the products of Gayafores ?

P. E. The quality, the finishes and, especially, the very different way it has of working ceramics. I love the differentiation and, undoubtedly, it is a company that is clearly betting on differentiation and authenticity.

GF. What values would you say you share with Gayafores ?

P.E. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, we agree perfectly on the sustainability issues that we each develop in our sector. It is also a company that is committed to multidisciplinary design and always has an open mind to try new things and join new projects. We are united by many things, but, above all, by the desire to do things and the fact that we are living companies that reinvent themselves every day.

"We are united by many things, but, above all, by the desire to do things and the fact that we are living companies that reinvent ourselves every day"

Pablo Erroz And Gayafores | Pablo Erroz Y Gayafores Afianzan La Conexión Entre Moda Y Cerámica


GF. Sustainability and timelessness are two of the qualities that in Gayafores we try to enhance because we think that the products we manufacture must have durability and because we contribute to a more sustainable world (in fact, one of our claims is 'Timeless tiles'). And this is a philosophy very much in line with your work, isn't it?

P. E. Absolutely. We must work in a sustainable way, so that we can maintain ourselves over time, not in a cyclical way, but permanently. To create "forever" products that make us consume less, but better. Our philosophy is based on values, synergies, sustainability and new formats. And we work hard on them. That is why we also understand the importance of linking up with other companies and sectors. In this and many other aspects, Gayafores becomes the perfect match for a brand like ours.

GF. Why did you choose the Canyon Pearl model to cover your runway at MBFW?

P. E. Because of its versatility and timelessness and because we knew that, when applied on the floor, we were going to give a lot of light to the catwalk (remember that it was a completely black room), playing very well with contrasts. This porcelain pavement not only enhanced the parade, but also gave it great aesthetic visibility.

I chose the Canyon Pearl model for its versatility and timelessness, but, above all, because we knew it would bring a lot of light to the catwalk

GF. How would you evaluate the experience of this first collaboration with a porcelain floor and wall tile manufacturer?

P. E. It has been a great experience, both in terms of results and in terms of the professional and personal bond we have created between our teams. We must not forget that companies are made by the people who make them up.

GF. So, how do you imagine a new partnership with Gayafores ?

P. E. Well, undoubtedly, with a greater linkage. I think the time has come to unite even more synergies and start working on joint, personalized collections that allow us to open new horizons, always with the idea of adding together.


Pablo Erroz And Gayafores | Pablo Erroz Y Gayafores Afianzan La Conexión Entre Moda Y Cerámica


GF. From your point of view, how do you understand the relationship between fashion and ceramics?

P. E. As I always say (and more so between artistic disciplines): everything is connected. Both worlds drink from the same sources in many occasions. Fashion and ceramics link us with art, tradition, craftsmanship... and also with new ways of working and being more sustainable.

GF. Can you tell us about any project you have planned for the coming months?

P. E. Fortunately, we are still going full steam ahead. Along with the launch of our new online store, we are already working on the next annual collection, which will be released in February 2022, and we also have some other projects that we will unveil soon.

Thank you very much for everything, Pablo and, as you rightly say: "let's go for the next adventure!"

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