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Gayafores participates in the first interactive online exhibition 'Tile of Spain Days in Russia

The event has been organised by the Spanish Embassy in the Russian Federation with the collaboration of ASCER and ICEX

The collective brand of the Spanish ceramic industry Tile of Spain presents the first interactive online exhibition 'Tile of Spain Days in Russia', to be held from 7 to 11 December, in which Gayafores participates together with 24 other Spanish manufacturers of ceramic tiles.

The event, organised by the Department of Trade and Economy of the Spanish Embassy in the Russian Federation, with the support of the Spanish Association of Ceramic Tile Manufacturers (ASCER) and the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade and Investment (ICEX), aims to show the wide range of possibilities of Spanish ceramics in today's architecture and design.

Those attending this virtual forum will be able to find out about the new collections of floor and wall tiles and the latest projects in the ceramics industry, as well as consult representatives of the participating companies, network, download catalogues, etc.

To participate as a visitor in the 'Tile of Spain Days in Russia' fair, all you have to do is register via the following link: https://tileofspainlive.ru/register

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CALACATTA GOLD is one of the products that Gayafores will present at the interactive fair.

For this event, Gayafores has prepared an exclusive presentation with a selection of products adapted to the Russian market among which the latest novelties of the brand stand out, such as the new marbles Calacatta Gold y Crema Avorio; the new range of hydraulic porcelain tiles (Grace, Musa y Nautic) and the porcelain woods in the Lama Collection (Lama Haya, Lama Roble, Lama Pino y Lama Abeto).

A strategic market

Russia is a strategic country for the Spanish tile sector and, in this sense, 'Tile of Spain Days in Russia' is a key initiative to maintain and reinforce the presence of Spanish ceramic products in a market that today has more than 140 million potential consumers, a figure that makes it a particularly interesting destination for Spanish exports. Furthermore, its membership of organisations such as the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Eurasian Economic Union opens up the option of accessing an even greater potential market, which could reach the figure of 180 million consumers.

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The new range of LAMA woods will also play an important role in the event.

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