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White in its different versions impregnates the textures and designs of porcelain tiles with a touch of sobriety that is perfect for contemporary environments

White remains a 'must' in interior decoration because of its ability to provide light, space and sobriety. Its simplicity is only apparent because, in recent times, this pure colour has evolved into a new concept that, in ceramics, opens up a whole world of possibilities. Combined with greys and beiges, white takes on a new dimension and becomes off-white, or what is the same: white not white or white around white.

Floors and walls are the perfect canvas on which off-white porcelain tiles display all their potential to create elegant, romantic, neutral effects... as they allow very personal mixtures and adapt to any style.

In this sense, porcelain floor and wall tiles with an off-white finish of Gayafores are the essential ally to achieve a result as neutral and sophisticated as desired.

Baldosas Porcel Nicas Off White Tendencia Top En Decoraci N Interior

Non-colour in white harmony

White is considered a 'non-colour' on the colour wheel and its importance in interior design continues to grow.

It is a colour that symbolises purity, perfection, calm and comfort. In decoration, white helps to keep turbulent and negative emotions away and generates a feeling of order and mental clarity. Thus, by using white porcelain tiles, interiors are filled with freshness, spaciousness and cleanliness, with a balanced sense. Far from being anodyne, it is always a safe bet for interior design professionals.

Baldosas Porcel Nicas Off White Tendencia Top En Decoraci N Interior

Porcelain floor and wall tiles incorporating white pigments are very versatile and have offered endless possibilities for interior decoration for centuries. In fact, bathrooms decorated with white tiles have been a prevailing trend since Victorian times. White brick tiles have also always been used on kitchen walls, particularly in the sink area and on worktops and benches. Another very common use throughout history has been in combination with black:

Gayafores Brick Velvet Baldosas Porcel Nicas Off White | Baldosas Porcelánicas Off-white, Tendencia Top En Decoración Interior
Baldosas Porcel Nicas Off White Tendencia Top En Decoraci N Interior

Endless off-white variations

There are plenty of whites. Some of the most commonly known whites are:

  • Pure or brilliant white, that is, the quintessential white.
  • White or natural or diamond, which is less brilliant than the previous one (we are talking about a natural white).
  • Ivory white: with a slight tendency towards more yellowish tones. It is like a cream tone within the whites.
  • Champagne: it is a white that presents certain golden or pinkish shades.
  • Ice white: it is a cold tone with subtle flashes of blue and grey.

All of them could be included in the off-white range.

Baldosas Porcel Nicas Off White Tendencia Top En Decoraci N Interior

Marble as a source of inspiration

The interior decoration with white porcelain tiles allows to project relaxed and elegant atmospheres. If the objective is to amplify the space, an excellent option is to cover floors and walls with pieces inspired by marble. The natural veins and matt finishes enhance the effect of endless continuity, contributing to the sensation of spaciousness sought.

Along with the satin ones, the white ones also stand out, providing volume and luminosity. This is a proposal that interior designers particularly value when it comes to generating spaces with personality, but with softness and maximum naturalness.

White is a timeless colour that does not have to be cold. What's more, dense whites bring a discreet warmth to the home. In a square or rectangular format, they are particularly suitable for dressing up the floors and walls of kitchens, but also in rooms that require more privacy and extra sobriety, such as bedrooms. A look that can also be achieved with white woods, which give a sensation of resistance, simplicity and sophistication in a combination of material and perfect tone.

Baldosas Porcel Nicas Off White Tendencia Top En Decoraci N Interior

Grey, the new white

And, within the existing possibilities, the grey appears subtly, sometimes considered as the 'new white'. A protagonist in stone, wood and ceramic marble, this type of off-white represents a style with a Nordic air. By shading the white, with the grey we can achieve a simple and essential decorative language that fully connects with nature.

Baldosas Porcel Nicas Off White Tendencia Top En Decoraci N Interior

Grey and white tones are mixed to form a must in decoration. It is an off-white that, despite being a cold colour, can contribute to generating very romantic and cosy spaces, combining it with wood and some black details.

Renewed classic

White in any of its aspects also helps us to achieve a renewed classic style. The fact is that shaded whites are the perfect base for recreating elegant and enveloping atmospheres in our home.

Baldosas Porcel Nicas Off White Tendencia Top En Decoraci N Interior

And here ceramics play a very important role due to their ability to reproduce any type of material with the latest designs that reinvent the materials that serve as inspiration. Marbles and stones are presented as more heterogeneous surfaces with very careful graphics that reproduce sharp and highly realistic surfaces.

Gayafores Patagonia Blanco Off White Trend | Baldosas Porcelánicas Off-white, Tendencia Top En Decoración Interior

Match and win

Finally, here are some suggestions for combining different collections from our off-white ranges. A whole world of decorative solutions that we put at your disposal in our tile catalogue:

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