A commitment to detail

In GAYAFORES we take care of the smallest detail. We collaborate with the best suppliers in the world and keep a close eye on all production processes. That is our commitment to quality.

Since its beginnings in 1897, GAYAFORES has maintained and consolidated its commitment to offer a high quality product and the appropriate service that customers require. This philosophy is an inherent part of the Quality Policy of GAYAFORES and has been and is a key element in planning and implementing the company's strategic objectives.

Only with the most advanced technologies, coupled with a wealth of experience and a strict selection of the best raw materials (clays, glazes, frits...), is it possible to achieve a range of products of high quality and lasting beauty. In this sense, Gayafores carries out a careful and exhaustive control in the reception and subsequent use of these raw materials, which are supervised at all times to avoid possible contamination in the production processes.

gayafores quality

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