Pavimentos Terrazas y Exteriores Madera

Gayafores presents a selection of non-slip paving that will convert patios, terraces and balconies into essential new elements in any home.

As all good Mediterraneans, it is enough for temperatures to increase slightly and the first rays of sun to appear to awaken in us the desire to open up our homes and move our family and social life outdoors.

Whether in homes in the countryside with a garden or large terraces, or in town apartments with interior balconies or patios, each square metre of open air is today considered to be a valuable treasure. Turning them into a place of disconnection and relaxation will only require a little ingenuity and knowledge of current decorative materials and styles.

The home opens to the outside

Contemporary architecture is firmly committed to promoting the connection between interiors and exteriors, creating open and bright spaces that are delightful to live in. In the cities, life has to make do with patios and terraces, which become sources of natural light and constitute private universes for enjoying life outdoors without leaving the house.

The key to this interchange between the interior and the exterior lies in generating a continuity between spaces that provides greater homogeneity and visual scope. In this context, Gayafores , y especialmente el porcelain stoneware, juega un importante papel gracias a la tecnología antideslizante aplicada en sus colecciones, que permitirá que el universo interior se extienda hacia el exterior.

The versatility and wide range of finishes and styles that can be found in ceramics today enable environments to be designed that are aligned with the latest interior design trends and integrate spaces in which the line between the inside and the outside fades away.

Descubre a continuación las propuestas de Gayafores para exteriores y terrazas en 2020.

Ceramics for Exteriors and Terraces

The cementois one of the materials that has been gaining enthusiasts season after season. Because of its relaxed aesthetics and neutral colour palette, it is ideas for most contemporary styles, integrating perfectly both indoors and outdoors. Surrounded by gardens or green areas, it generates an exquisite contrast that makes it one of the best choices for exterior decoration in 2019.

Azulejos Modernos Para Terrazas Actuales | Los Universos Exteriores De Gayafores


Las suelos de exterior para terrazas
de gres porcelánico con tecnología antislip
are fundamental for achieving the fusion of
interior and exterior ambiences.

In townhouses, with small terraces and balconies, connecting the home with the exterior through the use of continuous flooring has become a key trend. Any area, however small, can become a fantastic spot for enjoying breakfast in the sun or a place to read while feeling the breeze at sunset.


The boom for decorative tiles has also reached the exteriors. Whether creating a ceramic carpet or extending over the whole surface, the deco collections have become the perfect ally for lovers of colour and the tradition of hand-crafted cement tiles as decorative elements.



If you are looking for a style that will outlive time and fashions, wood is undoubtedly the perfect material. Because of its warmth and the naturalness of its graphics, it is an option that encourages the connection between interior and exterior universes while maintaining its own style. The result: charming terraces, porches and balconies that become the epicentre of the home during the warmer months.



Nowadays, it is possible to fine porcelain woods that are ideal for terraces, swimming pools, jacuzzis and solariums that are inspired by traditional boat decks or waterfronts. The appearance of a natural platform and its relief pattern that allows water to drain away enable you to achieve a result worthy of the best hotels and resorts.



The great advantage of ceramic wood for the exterior is the absence of maintenance and its resistance to weather conditions and external attack, together with antislip properties that prevent from falls and slips around swimming pools, wet areas and heavily-trafficked spaces such as terraces, restaurants and chill-out zones.


There is no style that is missing from the Gayafores' collections universe composed of unique and special products that are outstanding in their design and care for details and contribute great value to interior and exterior designs.

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