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Sometimes, we look back and realize that trends that we thought would never return are coming back totally renewed, as is the case of terrazzo. And it is already a reality that the porcelain imitation terrazzo returns, and does so completely updated and far away from those old floors that we all have in mind when we think of this material.

Certainly we associate terrazzo to the classic flooring of schools and old houses, but the truth is that it has taken a very significant decorative turn, and is now part of much more modern and careful decorations.

Imitation terrazzo porcelain tile is nowadays used as a powerful decorative resource to dress modern and serene rooms, as it provides surfaces with visual continuity and homogeneity

Marmetta Grey Gayafores | Suelo De Terrazo, Un Clásico Renovado Que Está De Moda

Terrazzo history

Terrazzo has its origins in 15th century Venice, when workers began to collect the leftover marble pebbles and mixed them with clay to later polish it and place it on their terraces, hence the name terrazzo. Over time, the clay began to be replaced by cement and this increased its resistance.

In the sixties and early seventies it was one of the most popular trends because it was an economical and resistant material. And, today, terrazzo has returned to our lives in a much more renovated form and with many more possibilities.

Modern terrazzo floors for home decoration

The porcelain tile imitation terrazzo has been completely renewed and has added colors and finishes in the way it fits in all kinds of decorations. This material was completely forgotten, until 2018 when it began to resurface in the hand of outstanding international design events such as Cersaie or Cevisama.

For this reason, nowadays, the porcelain imitation terrazzo is used to dress modern and serene rooms, and is far from the rustic finish that we associate when talking about this material. One of the most attractive characteristics of this material is the visual continuity and homogeneity that can be obtained.

Gayafores Marmetta Cream Urban Porcelain Tiles | Suelo De Terrazo, Un Clásico Renovado Que Está De Moda

Characteristics of porcelain tile imitation terrazzo

Some of the many advantages that the porcelain imitation terrazzo has over the original are:

  • Material with high resistance and durability.
  • They do not require any specific maintenance beyond regular cleaning with water and common cleaning products.
  • Variety of designs and colors according to demand.
  • Menor peso, más fáciles de instalar, ofreciendo así la posibilidad de utilizarlo como revestimiento.
Gayafores Marmetta Dark Urban | Suelo De Terrazo, Un Clásico Renovado Que Está De Moda


Imitation terrazzo porcelain tile is the best option if you want your decoration to attract attention through color. Its original designs allow you to create unique spaces in which elegance and boldness are present in equal parts.

As for the different tones in which it can be found, gray is usually the most common, along with black. However, one of the great advantages of this type of porcelain tile is that you can recreate almost any color trend, such as beige, which is positioning itself as one of the most demanded colors. An example of this trend is the new Marmetta collection by Gayafores, which is available in Cream, Grey and Dark tones.

Terrazzo in the different rooms

Thanks to the versatility of designs and shades of porcelain tile imitation terrazzo, there is a wide variety of ideas to incorporate this trend in the decoration of our home.

Kitchens have also ended up succumbing to this new trend, since the porcelain imitation terrazzo can be placed both on floors, thus creating visual continuity, and on coverings, allowing all the attention to fall on the walls.

Like the porcelain imitation terrazzo can be placed on the walls and floors of kitchens, in the same way that happens with the bathrooms. In addition, this porcelain tile can also be placed in showers or sinks, creating bathrooms with personality and functionality.

In short, the rebirth of this "new terrazzo" is already a reality. This material, which seemed to have been completely forgotten, has come back with a bang, leaving no one indifferent, with designs that appeal for their many possibilities.

In bathrooms

Gayafores Marmetta Grey Urban Suelo Terrazo | Suelo De Terrazo, Un Clásico Renovado Que Está De Moda

In kitchens

Suelo De Terrazo Marmetta | Suelo De Terrazo, Un Clásico Renovado Que Está De Moda

What type of material is terrazzo?

Originally, terrazzo is composed of a mortar of white and/or common cement mixed with ground marble in different proportions. Depending on each project and its specifications, colorants can be used and it is also common to add other elements such as sandstone, glass and other stones.

With respect to the porcelain material, the original terrazzo has a higher price and requires a more complicated installation, so the terrazzo effect porcelain tiles are an option to be taken into account for both floors and walls.

Where to buy imitation terrazzo flooring?

If you want to enjoy in your home all the aesthetic beauty of terrazzo with all the advantages of porcelain tile, do not hesitate to contact us and we will explain all the possibilities that we put at your disposal in our catalog, with finishes, tones and formats adapted to the specific needs of your project.

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