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The best color trends for interior decoration in 2021

From the proposals of Dulux and Jotun, prestigious international brands specialised in colour, we select the shades of the moment to decorate the home and turn it into a place of calm and wellbeing

Faced with the overload of information and visual stimuli that we experience every day, it is really overwhelming to capture and analyse all the inputs that reach us in order to be able to select the trends of the moment. Specifically, in order to glimpse which are the best colour trends for interior decoration and to go beyond each trend, understand them, predict their continuous development and translate them into ceramic products that connect with the real needs of the user, it is essential to carry out in-depth research and an exhaustive analysis.

This task begins by gathering information through trend reports, webinars, workshops, etc. Once this has been done, we have to filter data, classify and draw conclusions in order to define exactly what the main trends are and how we can use them to provide creativity and freshness.

From the Design and Product Department of Gayafores indicate that "this is our modus operandi for creating collections of porcelain floor and wall tiles that are the result of innovation inspired by the latest trends". Because, as Gudy Herder, an expert in trend analysis and the driving force behind the blog Eclectic Trends, it is about "learning not to see, but to understand trends".

"It's not about learning to see trends, it's about learning to understand trends"

(GUDY HERDER, trend analysis expert and creator of Eclectic Trends)

Material nature and colour

The binomial of material nature and colour, acting indivisibly, plays a fundamental role in the personality of ceramic products: "Beyond the aesthetic value of the different colour palettes with which we define the collections, we are very aware of the influence that these tones have on the perception of our products, how they influence the spaces where they are placed, with what trend they can be identified and what sensations they transmit", point out the Design and Product department of Gayafores .

Here are the best colour trends for interior decoration:

Always bearing in mind the intrinsic expressive capacity of colour and its powerful influence on the best colour trends for interior decoration, it is very interesting to follow with enthusiasm the great experts in the field, as is the case of Dulux y Jotun. These are two international paint brands that, every year, carry out exhaustive trend prospecting work, supported by groups of specialists in design and architecture worldwide. Both firms carry out arduous and constant research work, on the basis of which they draw up their predictions for the future in terms of colour applied to interior design.

In this regard, Dulux has selected Brave Ground as Colour of the Year 2021, a warm, natural neutral that allows you to connect with simple things.

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Marianne Shillingford, creative director of Dulux UK, says: "As a result of the global pandemic, many people's priorities are shifting significantly to focus much more on wellbeing and colour plays a very important role in this. Brave Ground aligns perfectly with that yearning, reflecting the strength of nature and offering a sense of tranquillity very much in keeping with subtly sensitive environments.

"Many people's priorities are shifting significantly to focus much more on wellbeing and colour plays a very important role in this"

(MARIANNE SHILLINGFORD, Creative Director, Dulux UK)

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Brave Ground has a discreet charm and versatility that allows it to coexist comfortably with different colour palettes, defined as Colour Futures 2021: Expressive colours, Trust colours, Timeless colours and Earth colours. All of them are perfectly in line with the best colour trends for interior decoration at the moment.

Brave Ground & Expressive colours

A palette of outstanding shades of reds and pinks balanced with soft neutrals. Colours with brio and vitality for energetic spaces that surprise and reflect our personality.

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Brave Ground & Trust colours

Grey and brown tones, warm and neutral, universal, reflecting everyone, complementing each other and fostering connection, collaboration and harmony in the home.

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Brave Ground & Timeless colours

Inspiring shades of brown, yellow and ochre, along with soft neutrals, create a backdrop that embraces the old and the new, bringing positivity and balance.

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Brave Ground & Earth colours

Shades of sea, sky and earth, which connect with the natural world and bring the outside into the home. Authentic and basic colours that work together in a natural way.

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On the other hand, to select and understand the best colour trends for interior decoration this year, the international paint company Jotun proposes RE-discover 2021, a set of four colour palettes that enhance the feeling of safety and security in the home, creating atmospheres more conducive to calm.

The focus, embodied in Earthly shades, Nostalgic Pastels, Soft neutrals and Nordic Blues, is on new colours combined with other archival colours carefully selected for their timelessness and versatility, helping to tell new stories in our homes.

Earthly shades

A palette of warm, earth-inspired tones that unites all countries and cultures and encourages calm living.

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Nostalgic Pastels

Palette with a nostalgic and contemporary look, with colours that are both retro and avant-garde, bringing vintage touches to contemporary interiors.

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Soft neutrals

A palette of soft neutrals with tactile undertones, simple yet impactful colours that provide clarity and peace and help reduce visual noise and superfluousness in our homes.

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Nordic Blues

Nordic tones, airy, worn and simple, evoking a calm and conscious way of being, inspiring reflection and rest.

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The porcelain floor and wall tile collections by Gayafores are perfectly adapted to the precepts of Color Futures 2021 and the colour Brave Ground by Dulux and also harmoniously linked to Jotun's Re-discover proposal. Ceramic products and decorative and architectural colours that transform our homes into soothing, restorative and natural sanctuaries, focused on wellbeing, with spaces to reflect, recharge and recalibrate, to achieve the home comfort we so desperately need.


All these trends for interior decoration, compiled in the Gayafores LookBook 2021, clearly show the influence of the global situation on the proposals of some of the most renowned brands in the field of colour.

In any case, what is clear is that now that we spend more time at home is the perfect time to renovate it and adapt it to new uses, giving it an air in keeping with the new era and looking to the future in a comforting way. All of this with the aim of making our home a place where we can relax, recharge our batteries and feel comfortable and fulfilled.

If you want to discover more colour trends for interior decoration, visit our channel of Youtube and let yourself be inspired by the new collections of porcelain floor and wall tiles made to feel the true essence of ceramics.

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