Gayafores Cevisama 2020

The new collections that Gayafores presents at Cevisama 2020 emphasize the authentic ceramic essence

Canyon, Delice and Lavik will have a prominent role in the company's stand at the fair (N2 P1 D48)

Essence. Timeless Tiles' is the slogan with which Gayafores participates in Cevisama 2020 (from 3 to 7 February, at Feria ValenciaThese are three words (essence, ceramic, timeless) with which the company intends to synthesize its true DNA, characterized by a long tradition of ceramics that has evolved over time and that today coexists with the latest technological advances in the production process. Today, Gayafores extracts the best of that tradition, emphasizes its ceramic essence and transfers that being and that know-how to the new porcelain collections it presents at Cevisama, a reference event for the ceramic sector that in this edition will occupy more than 120,000 square meters and will be visited by more than 90,000 professionals from 115 countries.

Gayafores draws the best of its experience in the sector, emphasizes its ceramic essence and transfers that being and that know-how to the new porcelain collections that will be shown at Cevisama 2020

Collaboration with Ana Sansano

In order to capture this 'ceramic essence', Gayafores has rescued a very representative image: the old El Sol factory, specialized in hand-made tiles. Taking as a starting point several photographs of this construction in different periods, this emblem of the company's origins has been updated by Ana Sansano, born in Onda (a town inseparable from the history of Gayafores ), which, from the very beginning, has been able to grasp the meaning of the project. "It has been a complicated challenge, totally different to everything I have done up to now and deeply exciting", the artist acknowledges, "since I had many ideas and many concepts, but hardly any concrete references, but I had to compose, as a puzzle, a mental picture from the existing ones".

Ana Sansano Collaboration Gayafores Cevisama 2020 | Cevisama 2020: Gayafores Pone El Acento En La Verdadera Esencia Cerámica


Apart from the complexity of the work, the creative process has been determined by the support, as Ana Sansano usually draws on wooden boards, but on this occasion she has also drawn on basque (tile body before firing), taking into account the formats, the tones and, above all, the texture. Each stroke has served to give shape to a personal interpretation of a recovered symbol, which, from her point of view, "represents the essence of what Gayafores is" Gayafores , a company that has known how to maintain the ceramic legacy by always adapting to new times.

"Making this illustration (which will be presented at Cevisama 2020) has been a complicated challenge, totally different to everything I've done so far and deeply exciting," says the artist

Moreover, Sansano assures that "this project, which I have enjoyed day by day and in which I have worked with the transference technique, has allowed me to enter a new field with many professional possibilities such as drawing on a non-conventional surface for me. This means opening a new artistic language on which I want to continue researching". So much so that, as she says, "in this case, the tile as a base has been gaining prominence as the work progressed, finally imposing itself on the drawing”. The result, a work of art with different versions that will be presented for the first time at the company's stand at Cevisama 2020, "has made me feel very satisfied and I must admit that, in addition, collaborating with Gayafores has led me to evolve as an artist", she says.

Full of ceramic essence proposals

The new collections that Gayafores exposes in its space in Cevisama 2020 (from the 3rd to the 7th of February) have printed that halo of ceramic essence that Ana Sansano has captured on a particular canvas

Gayafores Cevisama 2020 Gif | Cevisama 2020: Gayafores Pone El Acento En La Verdadera Esencia Cerámica


The new proposals that Gayafores presents at Cevisama 2020 are printed with that halo of ceramic essence that Ana Sansano has illustrated. Tradition, experience and technological vanguard are merged in the new collections, baptized as Canyon, Delice and Lavik, which provide new decorative solutions in which the digital materia is still very present. The use of the latest technology and the most innovative materials allows each piece to have different designs with nuances and details based on unique particles, layers and reliefs.

Along with the new collections on the stand of Gayafores at Cevisama 2020 (N2 P1 D48) the collections will also play a prominent role Aura, Brick Gradient and Carven, which were presented at the last edition of Cersaie (Bologna, Italy).


The range of stones of Gayafores grows with this proposal of daring design, with a very worked graphic and with a soft movement. The Colección Canyon is a sinuous, fluid and richly nuanced stone that represents an evolution of the most classic natural surfaces. The application of digital material gives Canyon a unique look, which takes as its starting point different sandstone with its characteristic mixtures of silica, calcium, carbonate or clay.

Detached and profuse in fine details, this stone comes in four formats (12,6”x24,6”, 17,7”x35,5”, 23,6”x47,3” and rectified 23,3”x46,9”) and in four colours (Natural, Grey, Almond and Pearl). In addition, it is accompanied by a mosaic-type decoration (in formats 12,6”x24,6” and 17,7”x35,5”), which stands out for its relief structure but with a continuous surface, producing an effect of light and shade that has great potential for contemporary interior design.

Canyon Collection By Gayafores | Cevisama 2020: Gayafores Pone El Acento En La Verdadera Esencia Cerámica

Available in the colours Natural, Grey and Almond and in two formats (13,1”x13,1” and 6,5”x6,5”), Delice is a renewed interpretation of the the traditional hydraulic tile in line with the soft heritage trend that is still fully in force.

Delice is a studied project in which digital material and shade selection play a relevant role. In contrast to previous proposals characterised by bright colours and an accentuated geometry, Gayafores now presents a particular version of hydraulic porcelain tile that can be defined as particularly soft, discreet and delicate.

Delice plays at mixing the bases in the shades of Natural, Grey and Almond with the 26 different motifs that star in the collection, thus generating an elegant and timeless design that can be applied to entire floors and walls, in specific areas as a tapestry or carpet to delimit environments or simply to provide a decorative plus. In addition, the collection provides maximum versatility to create original and personal spaces, as it can be combined with stones, marbles, cement or wood with an impeccable result.

Delice Collection By Gayafores | Cevisama 2020: Gayafores Pone El Acento En La Verdadera Esencia Cerámica

Inspired by a typical type of slate on the north coast of Sognefjorden in Norway, Lavik is a compact, cement-like stone with thin layers that simulate a realistic 3D effect. Taking this fossil rock as a reference, the Colección Lavik includes, on the one hand, a monochromatic base in four different shades (Dark, Grey, Pearl and Almond), and, on the other, a blind-type decoration, with a relief that reproduces gentle undulations in movement. The bases are available in formats 12,6”x24,6”, 17,7”x35,5”, 23,6”x47,3” and rectified 23,3”x46,9” and the decors are manufactured in 12,6”x24,6” and 17,7’’x35,5’'.

The Colección Lavik has a serene and minimalist design, very much in line with contemporary trends in which nature exerts an outstanding influence, and its chromatic palette and subtle contrasts make it a firm candidate as a decorative solution for all types of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Lavik Collection By Gayafores | Cevisama 2020: Gayafores Pone El Acento En La Verdadera Esencia Cerámica

Do you want to attend the premiere of the new collections at Cevisama 2020?

We are waiting for you on Level 2 Hall 1 Stand D48

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