Gayafores balance at Cevisama 2020

The balance of this edition of the international fair encourages the company to continue betting on tradition and avant-garde

Cevisama is a reference appointment for the international ceramic sector, which, in this recent edition, and according to data from the organization, has exceeded 90,000 visitors. In addition to being an impressive showcase of innovation and new trends, Cevisama has had a programa de actividades de máxima calidad, que ha atraído a un público profesional especializado y de gran interés para las empresas fabricantes de cerámica.

In this sense, Gayafores is still betting heavily on this event and this year his presence has been based on a message linked to his career in the Spanish tile industry: ‘Essence. Timeless Tiles’. "With this claim we intend to transmit the ceramic tradition, sustainable growth and the capacity to adapt to new times, qualities that have always accompanied us", explains the company's general director, José Miguel Segura.

"With the claim 'Essence. Timeless Tiles' we intend to transmit the ceramic tradition, the sustainable growth and the capacity to adapt to the new times that characterize us", explains the general director of Gayafores, José Miguel Segura


In order to materialize this mix of inherent characteristics, at the stand of Gayafores en Cevisama 2020 se han podido ver varias obras pictóricas realizadas por Ana Sansano. With its illustrations, the ceramic essence of Gayafores has been put in value through an icon of the origins of the company: The factory El Sol. It should be noted that to carry out this collaboration the illustrator has used an unusual support: the sponge cake (i.e. the raw tile, before firing). This project, as the artist has acknowledged, "has been very satisfactory and gratifying, both on a personal and artistic level, and professionally it has discovered new creative possibilities for me".

Ana Sansano Gayafores Cevisama 2020 | Las Nuevas Colecciones De Porcelánico De Gayafores Conquistan Al Público Con Su ‘esencia’ En Cevisama 2020



That 'ceramic DNA', forged from experience and know-how, which is embodied in the illustration of Ana Sansanohas also been very much in evidence in the new porcelain collections that Gayafores has presented at Cevisama. New proposals for floor and wall tiles manufactured with the latest technology and with digital material incorporated, which allow for the generation of differentiated products with unique designs and rich in subtle details.

Gayafores Balance At Cevisama 2020 | Las Nuevas Colecciones De Porcelánico De Gayafores Conquistan Al Público Con Su ‘esencia’ En Cevisama 2020


"Among the novelties that we exhibited at the fair, the following stand out Canyon and Lavik", says the Export Commercial Director of Gayafores , Aldo Patrone. The first of these collections has had a very good reception "for being a stone with a different design, fluid and rich in nuances and for presenting a decoration that calls for attention because of its continuous surface relief structure". Furthermore, Lavik has been a "success" for its compact, cement-like stone aesthetics and for its shutter-type decoration, which features a relief that reproduces gentle undulations in movement.

The new Canyon, Lavik and Delice collections have been prominent protagonists at the Gayafores stand at Cevisama 2020 and, together with the novelties presented at Cersaie 2019, they have received an excellent reception from visitors

The new decorative solutions that Gayafores has led to Cevisama are completed with an original proposal that expands the repertoire of porcelain hydraulics of the brand. This is the collection Delice, this is a smooth evolution of the range in three soft tones (Natural, Grey and Almond). "This novelty has been especially liked for its elegant and timeless design, in which bases with 26 different motifs are mixed, and for its versatility in combining perfectly with stone, marble, cement or wood," explains the commercial director of Exportation of Gayafores .

Gayafores Balance At Cevisama 2020 | Las Nuevas Colecciones De Porcelánico De Gayafores Conquistan Al Público Con Su ‘esencia’ En Cevisama 2020


Do you want to see the new collections?

At the stand, these new collections shared the limelight with others recently added to the general catalogue, such as Aura, Brick Gradient and Carven, which have had their own environments. Together with them, different combinations of products created to offer visitors new ideas and decorative solutions for projects of all kinds were exhibited.



Finally, with regard to the activity registered during the fair, Aldo Patrone assures that "the international situation has been a determining factor this year and, although the general perception has pointed to a lower number of visitors, the truth is that our results have been very similar to those of 2019". "We are satisfied because, despite the decrease in the number of visitors from Asia, the figures have been rewarded with the response we have obtained from other markets, including the domestic one". However, "there is important post-fair work to be analysed that will almost certainly confirm this initial forecast".


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